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The NDDOT Roadway Data Program collects, maintains and communicates quality data through data governance, data management and GIS products. This webpage includes a variety of helpful map-related resources produced by the team. 

History of the North Dakota Official Highway Map

In 2024, the North Dakota Highway Map is celebrating 100 years! As one of the most visible maps, it is rich in history and documents the changes in our highway system. The map is a representation of our state and allows visitors and residents to find their destinations easily while noting points of interest throughout the state.

The Official Highway Map is a joint effort between the NDDOT and the Department of Commerce Tourism Division, with the map side produced by NDDOT and the ND points of interest side produced by the Tourism Division. 

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Lewis and Clark Bridge approach


Special Edition 100th Anniversary Blog

2024 marks 100 years of the first official North Dakota State Highway map. In honor of this exciting marker in time, members of the mapping team created a blog series.

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Statewide Maps

Statewide Maps

North Dakota Tourist Road Map

This is a stripped-down version of the current printed map, presented as a PDF. The NDDOT has produced a State Highway Map in one form or another since 1925.

North Dakota Route and Mileage Map

A two-sided map that displays reference points at all highway intersections. As a bonus, it also shows District Boundaries.

North Dakota National Highway System Map

The National Highway System consists of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense and mobility. These are the roads that participate in the state.

District Maps and Information

This map shows the eight districts in the state and their addresses.

Highway Performance Classification System

The state highway classification map displays roads that are federally classified as Interstate, Interregional, State Corridor, District Corridor or District Collector. Detailed information regarding each classification is available on the webpage below the map.

ND Rail Map

The ND rail map displays the state railroad network. Active rail lines are displayed by ownership. Rail routes abandoned between 1980 and 2015 are also shown on the map.

ND General State Base Map

This is a base map of the state of North Dakota. County boundaries, county seats, incorporated cities and the state capitol are shown on the map, along with all interstate, US and state highways.

HP Truck Routing Maps

The Roadway Information team works in conjunction with the NDDOT Maintenance division to help publish Truck Routing Maps. These maps are available to the public and include information such as weight and length limits for Over the Road (OTR) drivers.