Find the full list of structures, their locations, and maximum height permissions for commercial vehicles.


Notice of Disclaimer

The permitted vertical clearance measurements listed are approximately four inches less than actual measurement based on available information. However, the vertical clearance listings are not guaranteed for complete accuracy due to construction activities and weather that may affect bridge or road conditions.

The vertical clearances in this list are provided for informational purposes only. The North Dakota Department of Transportation is not responsible for changes in conditions.

It is the permit holders’ responsibility to verify the clearances on the route traveled.

Bridge overpass under construction.

Definitions of Terms used in Vertical Clearance List

Definitions of Terms used in Vertical Clearance List
  1. Reference Point – refers to marker on roadway. This is the method of referencing a location on a highway on the state highway system. Reference points can be closely correlated to distance in miles, however this is not always the case. On Interstates within North Dakota, exit numbers closely correlate to that exit’s reference point location. Reference points can be seen along the state highways as small green signs with a number on it.
  2. BNSF – Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway
  3. Cloverleaf – Interstate highway interchange that doesn’t provide a way to get around vertical clearance restrictions.
  4. Crossover – A structure whereby a state highway crosses over another state highway. There are no ramps to go around a crossover.
  5. Interchange (INT.) – A structure with overhead clearance restrictions that has exit ramps and/or entrance ramps to get around the vertical clearance restrictions.
  6. Separation – A structure whereby another highway or street crosses over the state highway. There is no way to get around a separation.
  7. Underpass (UP) – A structure where a railroad crosses over the highway.
  8. Underclearance – To indicate when the state highway is crossing over another highway or street. The vertical clearance is for the highway or street passing underneath.
  9. Overclearance – A structure with an overhead clearance restriction.
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