The Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Plan is a federal requirement to obtain National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program funding from the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (BIL). The Federal NEVI Program is intended to create a network of EV fast chargers across the country that provides reliable and consistent infrastructure to support long distance travel. For North Dakota, the first phase of the program will build chargers no more than 50 miles apart and less than one mile off exits along I-94 and I-29 (Alternate Fuel Corridors).

North Dakota will receive approximately $25.9 million from the NEVI Formula Program through FY 2026.The NEVI Formula Program aims to provide a nationwide network of EV chargers that ensures a convenient, reliable, affordable, and equitable charging experience for all users. In the future, a national network of 500,000 charging stations is expected to be established throughout the United States.

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Here's what the plan will cover: 

  • Existing data on EVs and chargers in the state
  • Barriers and opportunities specific to North Dakota
  • Requirements for ongoing operation and maintenance of EV fast charging stations
  • Utility capacity and other logistics related to charging stations
  • Current and future demand of EVs in the state
  • Potential EV-friendly corridors to tie into the nationwide network
  • Policies and legislation related to EVs
  • Funding opportunities and requirements
  • Equity, accessibility, and safety
  • Scenario planning and forecasting

North Dakota Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Plan

The North Dakota Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Plan will create a charging network that supports long-term EV charging station success – maximizing economic benefits for our beautiful state. Watch our EV Infrastructure Plan come to life in our new video:

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