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Motor Vehicle - Frequently Asked Questions

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•   1. Can I renew my vehicle registration online?

Yes! Most vehicles can be renewed online at

•   2. If my title, registration card, or tabs are lost how do I obtain a duplicate?

Online Duplicate Vehicle Registration

  • The ND Title Number and License Plate Number are required

  • Duplicate registration card with or without decal(s) may be obtained

  • Fees Apply

  • SFN 61982 Application for Duplicate Credentials must be completed in full and signed by the registered owner.

  • The type of duplicate being requested must be selected

  • The reason for the duplicate must be selected

  • If a lien holder is on record additional documentation is required

  • Fees apply
  • •   3. We just bought a new vehicle. What do we need to do to register it and get plates?

    If you purchased the vehicle from a North Dakota dealership, they provide temporary registration for 75 days.

    You also have the option to obtain a 30-Day temporary registration.

    Here is some additional information you may find helpful: Buying a Vehicle.

    •   4. I am trying to transfer the title of a vehicle. Where can I get more information?

    The Buying a Vehicle and the Selling a Vehicle sections have a lot of information that describe these processes. Please visit these sections for further information.

    •   5. I am trying to obtain a Mobility Impaired placard. Where can I get more information?

    Please visit the Mobility Impaired Placards/Parking section for further information.

    •   6. I have just moved to North Dakota. How do I get a North Dakota title and license plates in my name?

    • An Out-of-state title must be submitted with a completed and signed application SFN 2872 with owner information, vehicle information, and odometer reading for vehicles 20 model years or newer.
    • If the vehicle is financed and you do not have a title, we must have a completed and signed application SFN 2872 with owner information, vehicle information, odometer reading for vehicles 20 model years or newer, name and mailing address of the lienholder, and copy of the out-of-state registration. Any motor vehicle excise, use, or sales tax paid at the time of purchase will be credited.
    • If your vehicle is titled with Alaska, Delaware, Georgia, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, or any foreign country or sovereign nation excise tax will be due on the current market value of the vehicle.
    • Please note, if you are adding, removing, or changing ownership, the ownership change and the odometer reading needs to be documented on a secure reassignment. Please see Odometer Disclosure for more assistance.

    •   7. What is the law concerning tinted windows on vehicles?

    An individual may not operate a motor vehicle with any object, material, or tinting displayed, affixed, or applied on the front windshield or any window unless the object, material, or tinting in conjunction with the windshield upon which it is displayed, affixed, or applied has a light transmittance of at least seventy percent (70%). This does not apply to windows behind the operator if the vehicle is equipped with outside mirrors on both sides that meet the requirements (39-21-38 & 39-21-39 NDCC).

    NOTE: A physician can no longer authorize darker window tinting for medical purposes.