Photo collage: left image is a photo of a public input meeting, the middle and right photos are roadway photos around the city of Medora.

About The Project

The North Dakota Department of Transportation is studying potential roadway improvements on the Pacific Avenue (I-94 Business Loop) between I-94 Exit 24 and Exit 27 through Medora, ND. 

The project consists of potential improvements to Pacific Avenue (I-94 Business Loop) from the Little Missouri River Bridge to 6th Street (City Section), and a mill and overlay for the portions of roadway outside the City Section (from Exit 24 to Exit 27). The Little Missouri River Bridge (Structure # 0094-901.376) may be widened and improved. 

The project may require permanent and/or temporary right-of-way.  Potential right-of-way needs are related to roadway and bridge widening from the Little Missouri River Bridge to East River Road North, and potential intersection improvements at Pacific Avenue and East River Road North. It is anticipated that potential improvements in other downtown areas of Medora will not require permanent right-of-way. 

Public Input

The next scheduled presentation will be at the Medora City Council meeting February 6, 2024. 

Project Goals

  • Estimated Project Cost:
  • Estimated Completion:
    June 2026
  • Other Goals:
    • Gather input and inform stakeholders and the public about the purpose and needs of the Pacific Avenue Project
    • Develop previous study concepts into alternatives and set schedule to facilitate the timely development of the Environmental Document and design plans
    • Partner with local stakeholders to promote project milestones and public input opportunities with a sensitivity to the Western Heritage context of the Medora Community
    • Engage the stakeholders and the public and collect meaningful feedback

Project Location


Kyle Comer
Civil Science
Alternative Contact
Chad Frisinger