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Quick and easy access to all mobile applications made available by the North Dakota Department of Transportation. Mobile apps are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

ND Drive

ND Drive - North Dakota's mobile application

ND Drive NDDOT's new Mobile application for motor vehicle and driver license services called ND Drive is intended for use by mobile devices to conduct many driver license and vehicle services. Please note that the ND Drive app is not to be used while driving.

The mobile application will allow users to renew their motor vehicle registration, and in addition, will allow a user to update their permanent address, temporary address, and email address. The ND Drive app will also enable users to renew a Mobility Impaired Placard, apply for a 30-day temporary registration, a non-resident temporary registration, a truck or trailer demo permit, or a drive out permit along with scheduling an in-person appointment for service.

The ND Drive app will allow users to renew their driver license, request a replacement license or ID card, request a driving record, schedule a driving test and pay reinstatement fees. It will also allow a user to update their permanent address, temporary address, and email address. The app will also allow users to update donor status, check the current status of a license or medical certification, and schedule an appointment for in-person service.

ND Drive on Apple App Store
ND Drive on Google Play Store

ND Roads

ND Roads - North Dakota's mobile travel app

ND Roads - Travel Information NDDOT's mobile Travel Information app is intended for use with smartphones to view information that is relevant to the traveling public. The application allows you to access this information in both a map and text view. For a quick overview of the road conditions within North Dakota select one of the pre-determined map/text views for information that you are interested in. Advanced options will allow users to add/remove map layers, save Favorites, identify features, search by keywords in the Text Version and select Common Routes. Click here to visit the web version in your browser.

ND Roads on Apple App Store
ND Roads on Google Play Store