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Road Conditions

BISMARCK, N.D. – The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) will implement seasonal load restrictions on several highways located in the southwestern portion of the state beginning Thursday, April 6. 

The NDDOT utilizes load restrictions to reduce damage to roadways caused by heavy loads, in the spring, when highway pavements are most vulnerable.

“We use computer modeling which is verified by subsurface temperature probes to determine when to place spring load restrictions on the highways,” said Darr. “This technology helps us make more informed decisions and can reduce the length of time load restrictions are in place.”

Depending on weather conditions, these restrictions typically go into effect starting in the southwest region of the state and remain in effect until roadbeds have stabilized enough to carry normal traffic. 

If motorists have overweight loads to move, consider doing it before seasonal load restrictions are placed.

For updated seasonal load restrictions call 511 or visit the ND Roads map at travel.dot.nd.gov. Email and text alerts are also available through GovDelivery. For more information visit dot.nd.gov.

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