Find license renewal information related to driver licenses of active-duty military members and their spouses. Find out how an active-duty member of the military--or a spouse--can renew a license by mail, what to do in the case of an expired license, and more.

I’m a North Dakota resident in the military. Do I need to renew my driver license?

No. North Dakota has an "extended term of license" (North Dakota Century code 39-06-19.1) for active-duty military members.

The extended term of license means a North Dakota resident who is in active-duty military status may operate a motor vehicle on an expired license provided they remain absent from this state, and not to exceed 30 days following their honorable separation from such service or after they return to this state.

The license is valid only when it is in your immediate possession. If you misplace your license, the extension is null and void. If your privileges have been suspended, revoked, or cancelled, the extension is null and void.

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Can I or my spouse renew our North Dakota driver licenses by mail?

Yes, provided you can provide proof of a North Dakota resident address.

Renewing your license prevents your driver record from being purged by our system due to inactivity, and often makes your life easier as certain agencies are not familiar with military extensions.

Please call our Central Office at 701-328-4353 to inquire about renewing your driver license.


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How do I renew my North Dakota driver license once I return to the state?

If your driver license has not been expired for more than one year, you may renew your license following normal renewal procedures.

However, if your license has been expired for more than one year, the department will require you to present the following documents within 30 days of your return to state:

  1. North Dakota Driver License
  2. Military ID Card
  3. One of the following proof of out-of-state duty station:
    • Discharge Orders
    • Leave Papers
    • PCS Orders
    • Leave and Earnings Statement
    • Letter from the Duty Station (a fax is acceptable)

Upon verification of the required documents, the department may issue a renewal of non-commercial driving privileges only.

Note: A commercial license does not qualify for the military extension and will require retesting with the state prior to reissuance.

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I'm active duty military moving to ND. If my driver license is expired for more than one year, do I need to retest?

North Dakota honors military extensions from other states; however, you must verify your state has an extension and obey all the requirements of it.

If your state does not have a military extension, or you do not have the required information to be eligible for it, you will be required to retest both knowledge and road tests.

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Where is the closest driver license site?

See North Dakota Driver License Sites, locations, days/hours of operation and phone numbers.