Research Projects

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NumberTitleCategoryStatusYearFile Size
ND 14-01 Evaluation of Permazyme 11x Soil Stabilization SoilsActive201428.28KB
NDSU 13-02 Survey/Literature Review of Fast-Track PCC Pvmnt Repair Process and Materials ConcreteCompleted201326.77KB
NDSU 13-01 Asphalt Pavement Thermal Crack Maintenance Best Management Practice AsphaltCompleted201396.90KB
ND 13-03 SprayWall Pipe Liner MiscellaneousActive201320.93KB
MR 13-01 Evaluation of East Jordan Iron Works 3025 SELFLEVEL Manhole Casting MiscellaneousActive201321.54KB
UND 11-01 Rut Resistance Performance of Warm Mix Asphalts in North Dakota University ResearchCompleted201126.17KB
NDSU 11-02 Field Investigation of Warm Mix Asphalt Temperatures University ResearchCompleted201128.05KB
NDSU 11-01 Warm Mix Asphalt Processes Applicable to North Dakota University ResearchCompleted201118.03KB
ND 11-02 Evotherm 3G, Advera WMA and Foamed Asphalt Comparison AsphaltActive201115.78KB
ND 11-01 Evaluation of Grooved Pavement Markings Pavement MarkingsActive201132.50KB
MR 11-01 Evaluation of "Safety Edge" on Asphalt Pavement MiscellaneousActive201143.47KB
ND 10-03 ScourStop Flow Transition Mats for Scour Protection MiscellaneousActive201026.79KB
ND 10-02 Warm Mix Asphalt AsphaltActive201020.99KB
ND 10-01 Evaluation of Wet-Reflective Elements for Pavement Markings Pavement MarkingsActive201031.22KB
MR 10-03 Evaluation of Snow Plow Blade Systems MiscellaneousCompleted201020.76KB
MR 10-02 Warm Mix Asphalt AsphaltActive201021.08KB
MR 10-01 TowPLow Evaluation MiscellaneousCompleted201018.17KB
ND 09-01 Reinforced Concrete Pipe Repair ConcreteActive200922.26KB
UND 08-02 Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) for Use in ND Transportation Projects ConcreteCompleted200820.90KB
UND 08-01 Evaluation of ND's 4.75 mm Local Gyratory Mix for Thin Overlay Applications University ResearchCompleted200821.79KB
NDSU 08-01 Use of Thermal Camera During Asphalt Pavement Construction University ResearchCompleted200821.64KB
MR 08-01 Evaluation of American Polymer's Graffiti Solution System® (GSS) MiscellaneousActive200875.01KB
UND 07-01 Analysis of Environmental Sensor Station Deployment Alternatives University ResearchCompleted200719.72KB
ND 07-02 Bridge Deck and Roadway Surface Treatments ConcreteActive200722.43KB
ND 07-01 High Density Polyethylene Pipe MiscellaneousActive200722.49KB
UND 06-03 Coarse-Graded Superpave HMA Pavements in ND Using the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer University ResearchCompleted200615.01KB
UND 06-02 ND's Agg Characteristics &Performance in Locally Produced HMA Mixtures Using APA University ResearchCompleted200622.02KB
UND 06-01 Application of Sealing Agents in Concrete Durability of Infrastructure Systems University ResearchCompleted200646.01KB
ND 05-01 Lightweight Profiler for Ride Quality on Asphalt & Concrete Pavements MiscellaneousCompleted200521.27KB
UND 04-01 ND's AC Binder Properties & Performance University ResearchCompleted200427.68KB
ND 04-01 Maximum Percentage of Asphalt Material in a Blended Base BaseActive200467.09KB
MR 04-03 Evaluation of Rumble Stripes Pavement MarkingsCompleted200421.70KB
MR 04-02 Texcote XL-70C Bridge Cote as a Concrete Surface Finish & Curing Compound MiscellaneousCompleted200426.63KB
MR 04-01 Effects of HBP Paver Motion on Ride Quality AsphaltCompleted200421.16KB
UND 03-02 Bridge Monitoring Project University ResearchCompleted200320.96KB
UND 03-01 Low Permeable Concrete Bridge Deck University ResearchCompleted200356.06KB
ND 03-03 Dowel Bar Retrofix Mix MR0301 ConcreteCompleted200343.97KB
ND 03-02 Concrete Bridge Deck Sealants BridgeActive200322.20KB
ND 03-01 Comparison of Rehabilitation Strategies on Long Term Ride Performance AsphaltActive200321.87KB
UND 02-03 Cold in-Place Recycling of Asphalt Pavements in the Northern Plains Region University ResearchCompleted200281.94KB
UND 02-02 Effects of Water Reducer Admixtures on Concrete Strength and Durability University ResearchCompleted200259.89KB
ND 02-02 Performance of HBP vs. PCC Pavement AsphaltActive200222.52KB
ND 02-01 Base Reinforcement Using Geogrid GeotextileActive200227.60KB
MR 02-01 Microsurfacing Performance Evaluation Pavement TreatmentsCompleted200220.84KB
NDSU 01-01 Cost Effective Non-Flammable Pipe Liners University ResearchCompleted200152.21KB
ND 01-01 Use of Stainless Steel Alternative for a Corrosion Resistance Structure BridgeActive200173.40KB
NDSU 00-01 Design of a High-Performance Concrete Mix for use in Dowel Bar Retrofit University ResearchCompleted200050.57KB
ND 00-02 3M Liquid Pavement Markings AsphaltCompleted2000158.12KB
ND 00-01 Six-Cell Seal Delastic Sealer ConcreteActive200020.02KB
ND 99-02 Tining Versus Carpet Dragging for Texturing PCC Pavements ConcreteActive199916.28KB
MR 99-01 Evaluation of Epoxy Pavement Markings Pavement MarkingsActive199926.72KB
ND 98-06 Fabric Reinforced Backfill Under Approach Slabs BridgeCompleted199835.54KB
ND 98-05 Saw & Sealing Joints in Bituminous Pavement AsphaltActive199820.33KB
ND 98-04 Use of Snow Plowable, Reflective Pavement Markers for Effective Delineation Pavement MarkingsCompleted199827.89KB
ND 98-03 Vegetation Barriers Around Headwalls of Edge Drains MiscellaneousCompleted199894.60KB
ND 98-02 Snow Management by Use of Snow Fence Systems MiscellaneousActive199821.71KB
ND 98-01 Portland Cement as a Rehab Option for Overlaying an Existing Asphalt Roadway ConcreteCompleted199822.34KB
MR 98-01 Evaluation of Water-Borne Pavement Markings Paint Pavement MarkingsCompleted199826.87KB
ND 97-03 Performance of Different Classes of Hot Bituminous Pavement AsphaltCompleted199744.87KB
ND 97-02 Evaluation of an Experimental Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Project ConcreteActive199721.57KB
ND 97-01 Whitetopping an Existing Asphalt Pavement with Polyolefin Fiber Enriched PCC ConcreteCompleted199729.06KB
MR 97-06 Crafco Experimental Sealant to Level Depressed Cracks and PCCP Spall Repair AsphaltCompleted199726.84KB
MR 97-04 3U18 Mix for Dowel Bar Retrofit ConcreteCompleted1997204.81KB
MR 97-02 Performance of Stabilized Base BaseCompleted199734.35KB
MR 97-01 Unsealed Joints in New Portland Cement Concrete Pavements ConcreteCompleted199723.93KB
ND 96-04 Evaluation of Crafco Crack Sealants on Asphalt Pavements Pavement TreatmentsCompleted199627.22KB
ND 96-03 Modified Chip Seal Surface Treatments Pavement TreatmentsCompleted199629.04KB
ND 96-02 Soil Guard Bonded Fiber Matrix for Erosion Control SoilsCompleted199636.61KB
ND 96-01 Wasser Single Component Moisture Cured Paint for Bridge Maint. Overcoating BridgeCompleted199627.04KB
MR 96-03 Fiber Dowel Bars ConcreteCompleted199626.73KB
MR 96-02 Polysulfied Joint Sealing ConcreteCompleted199627.62KB
MR 96-01 Epoxy Coated Reinforced Steel ConcreteCompleted199621.20KB
ND 95-03 Dowel Bar Retrofit for Load Transfer ConcreteCompleted199530.43KB
ND 95-02 Crushed PCC Material as a Drainable Base BaseCompleted199527.48KB
ND 94-12 Polycarb's Mark-55 Series Epoxy Pavement Marking Pavement MarkingsCompleted199427.10KB
ND 94-09 Evaluation of Tining Widths to Reduce Noise of Concrete Roadways ConcreteCompleted199426.12KB
ND 94-08 Silicone Versus Preformed Compression Joint Seals for Concrete Pavement ConcreteCompleted199432.15KB
ND 94-07 Optical Camera in Edge Drains MiscellaneousCompleted199434.14KB
ND 94-05 Moisture Sensors in Base and Sub-base SoilsCompleted199426.39KB
ND 94-02 Paveprep Inter Layer to Halt or Retard Reflective Cracking AsphaltCompleted199427.92KB
ND 94-01 Saw and Seal Over the Overlaid Existing Concrete Joints AsphaltCompleted199427.38KB
ND 92-05 Permeable Asphalt Stabilized Base Beneath an Asphalt Pavement AsphaltCompleted199230.69KB
ND 92-03 Road Condition Weather Monitor MaintenanceCompleted199264.41KB
ND 92-02 Stratagrid's A-100 Ability to Strengthen an Asphalt Overlay AsphaltCompleted199226.43KB
ND 91-04 Silane and Hot Bituminous Overlay as a Treatment for "D" Cracking on PCC Pavement TreatmentsCompleted199126.49KB
ND 91-03 3M's Stamark Pliant Polymer Pavement Marking Tape, A380 Pavement MarkingsCompleted199126.24KB
ND 91-01 Base Reinforcement Using Geogrid GeotextileCompleted199117.79KB