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NDDOT Director - Tom Sorel

NDDOT Director, Thomas Sorel

NDDOT Director
Tom Sorel

Exciting things are happening at the North Dakota Department of Transportation!

What's even more important, however, is that the highway system gives every resident access to the necessities of life: food, clothing, schools, medical care, and fire and rescue services.

At NDDOT, a thousand talented employees, located across the state, work together to make all this happen. When we go home at the end of the day, we've made the world a better place. And we've had fun doing it, with new technology, an employee-friendly workplace, and great coworkers.

Whether you're a recent graduate or an experienced professional considering a career move, you may find the perfect job at NDDOT. Interested?

Please browse through this site and contact us with any questions.

Current NDDOT Job Openings

Job NumberJob TitleLocationClosing Date
3008137 Engineering Technician II (7770) Williston, NDOpen Until Filled
3008453 Equipment Operator (Transportation Technician I)**New Salary Watford City, NDOpen Until Filled
3009250 Fleet & Equipment Technician III* (7544 & 7208) Williston, NDOpen Until Filled
3009364 Equipment Operator (Transportation Technician I) NEW SALARY Williston, NDOpen Until Filled
3009609 Equipment Operator (Transportation Technician I) (7378) NEW SALARY Crosby, NDOpen Until Filled
3011097 Equipment Operator (Transportation Technician I)*NEW SALARY Stanley, NDOpen Until Filled
3011223 Equipment Operator (Transportation Technician I) (7302) Belfield, NDOpen Until Filled
3011542 Highway Maintenance Coordinator (District Maintenance Engineer) (7618) Williston, NDOpen Until Filled
3011548 Equipment Operator (Transportation Technician I) (7265) Parshall, NDOpen Until Filled
3011602 Temporary Part-Time Pilot (multiple openings) Bismarck, NDOpen Until Filled
3011672 Fleet & Equipment Technician III* (7532) Dickinson, NDOpen Until Filled
3011775 Equipment Operator (Transportation Technician I) (24489) New Town, NDOpen Until Filled
3011957 Temporary Snow Plow Operator - Gackle (29149) Gackle, NDOpen Until Filled
3011958 Temporary Snow Plow Operator - Finley (29180) Finley, NDOpen Until Filled
3011993 Equipment Operator (Transportation Technician I) (7299 & 7321) Killdeer, NDOpen Until Filled
3012018 Temporary Licensing Specialist I (29106) Fargo, NDOpen Until Filled
3012026 Temporary Snow Plow Operator - Litchville (29170) Litchville, NDOpen Until Filled
3012061 Transportation Engineer I (10317) Dickinson, ND1/22/2019
3012103 Transportation Engineer III (7045) Bismarck, ND1/21/2019
3012119 Surveyor IV (7058) Bismarck, ND1/17/2019
3012140 Engineering Technician IV (7750) Valley City, ND1/17/2019
3012191 Archaeologist II (7065) Bismarck, ND1/24/2019
3012194 Transportation Engineer III (7717) Minot, ND1/17/2019
3012196 Computer & Network Specialist III (6833) Bismarck, ND1/24/2019
3012198 Engineering Technician II (7771)* Valley City, ND1/17/2019
3012256 Equipment Operator (Transportation Technician I) (7418) Casselton, ND1/23/2019
3012269 Equipment Operator (Transportation Technician III) (7145) Beulah, ND1/25/2019
3012274 Administrative Transportation Engineer III - Office Holder (6816)* Bismarck, ND1/23/2019
3012289 Surveyor IV (7060) Bismarck, ND1/24/2019
3012317 Equipment Operator (Transportation Technician I) (7359)* Grand Forks, ND1/29/2019
3012332 Highway Traffic Control Specialist I (7349)* Grand Forks, ND1/29/2019
3012335 Administrative Assistant I (7626) Fargo, ND1/23/2019
3012363 Transportation Engineer Manager / Team Lead (7119) Valley City, ND1/30/2019
3012366 Transportation Services Supervisor II (7420) Lisbon, ND1/30/2019

NDDOT Internships

Are you seeking a paid professional internship in your field of study? The NDDOT regularly hires summer internships and offers competitive pay and diverse experience using the latest technology and business practices. We commonly hire civil engineering, civil engineering technology, business management, communications, computer science (information technology), and human resource students and offer them paid work experience in their fields of study.

The NDDOT typically posts these internship opportunities in the Spring of each year around mid to late March. Please check back to get the positions available and application process

Working for NDDOT

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