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NDDOT Career Opportunities

Exciting things are happening at the North Dakota Department of Transportation!

North Dakota Department of Transportation works to be the employment leader in Transportation by supporting our mission to safely move people and goods.

NDDOT employees are diverse group of nearly one thousand talented employees, located across the state, who work together to build and maintain the highway system for the citizens and travelers of North Dakota. The highway system gives every resident access to necessities of life such as food, clothing, schools, medical care, and fire and rescue services. When our employees go home at the end of the day, we know they have made the world a better place. What's even better is we have had fun doing it!

We offer the State of North Dakota Team ND Benefits package with a Leadership Development Journey for personal and professional growth, work-life balance, innovation and new technologies, an employee-friendly work place, a wellness program, and great coworkers.

Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional considering a career move, you may find the perfect job at NDDOT. Now is the time to change lanes moving forward with serving the public through Team ND. How does your current position’s salary and benefits stack up to one you’re considering with us? Use our total rewards calculator to estimate.

Please browse through this site and contact us with any questions.

Current NDDOT Job Openings

Job NumberJob TitleLocationClosing Date
3019765 Temporary Pilot (Part Time) Bismarck, ND10/4/2023
3022131 Transportation Engineer Dickinson, ND10/9/2023
3022655 Transportation Engineer Devils Lake, ND10/16/2023
3024080 Fleet and Equipment Technician III Devils Lake, ND10/4/2023
3024561 Construction Technician IV Valley City, ND10/9/2023
3024577 Fleet and Equipment Technician III Williston, ND10/11/2023
3025066 Full Time Temporary Drivers License Examiner Jamestown, ND10/11/2023
3025217 Equipment Operator II Williston, ND10/4/2023
3025374 Full Time Temporary Drivers License Examiner Fargo, ND10/11/2023
3025623 Equipment Operator II Dickinson, ND10/5/2023
3025761 Federal Aid Receivables Team Lead INTERNAL ONLY Bismarck, ND10/1/2023
3025788 Highway Maintenance Coordinator Valley City, ND10/4/2023
3025955 Temporary Equipment Operator II Flasher, ND10/12/2023
3025964 Temporary Equipment Operator II Belfield, ND10/12/2023
3025968 Temporary Equipment Operator II Dickinson, ND10/12/2023
3025978 Temporary Equipment Operator II Minot, ND10/4/2023
3025983 Equipment Operator II Watford City, ND10/1/2023
3025998 Temporary Equipment Operator II Bismarck, ND10/4/2023
3026001 Temporary Equipment Operator II Grand Forks, ND10/3/2023
3026042 Temporary Equipment Operator II Valley City, ND10/11/2023
3026043 Temporary Equipment Operator II Jamestown, ND10/11/2023
3026044 Temporary Equipment Operator II Fargo, ND10/8/2023
3026045 Temporary Equipment Operator II Fargo, ND10/8/2023
3026051 Temporary Equipment Operator II Williston, ND10/11/2023
3026062 Engineering Tech IV Bismarck, ND10/4/2023
3026063 Audit Services Summer Internship Bismarck, ND10/10/2023
3026067 Engineering Tech Summer Internship Fargo Fargo, ND10/10/2023
3026069 Engineering Tech Summer Internship Bismarck Bismarck, ND10/10/2023
3026070 Maintenance Technician Summer Intern Bismarck, ND10/10/2023
3026071 Engineering Tech Summer Internship Bridge Bismarck, ND10/10/2023
3026078 Engineering Tech Summer Internship Devils Lake Devils Lake, ND10/10/2023
3026081 Engineering Tech Summer Internship Construction Services Bismarck, ND10/10/2023
3026097 Utility Coordinator Summer Internship Design Division Bismarck, ND10/10/2023
3026098 Engineering Tech Summer Internship Grand Forks Grand Forks, ND10/10/2023
3026100 Fleet and Equipment Tech Summer Internship Valley City Valley City, ND10/10/2023
3026101 Engineering Tech Summer Internship Valley City Valley City, ND10/10/2023
3026102 Engineering Tech Summer Internship Williston Williston, ND10/10/2023
3026104 Engineering Tech Summer Internship Dickinson Dickinson, ND10/10/2023
3026105 Temporary Equipment Operator II Mohall, ND10/4/2023
3026109 Fleet and Equipment Mechanic Summer Internship Devils Lake Devils Lake, ND10/10/2023
3026111 Materials Testing Lab Summer Internship Bismarck, ND10/10/2023
3026118 Geotechnical Drill Crew Summer Internship Bismarck, ND10/10/2023
3026119 Field Survey Summer Internship Design Division Bismarck, ND10/10/2023
3026121 Marketing Strategic Communications Summer Internship Bismarck, ND10/10/2023
3026123 Data Collection Engineering Technician Summer Internship Bismarck, ND10/10/2023
3026142 Equipment Operator II Cooperstown, ND10/9/2023
3026161 Equipment Operator II Crosby, ND10/12/2023

NDDOT Internships

Are you seeking a paid professional internship in your field of study? The NDDOT regularly hires summer internships and offers competitive pay and diverse experience using the latest technology and business practices. We commonly hire civil engineering, civil engineering technology, business management, communications, computer science (information technology), and human resource students and offer them paid work experience in their fields of study.

Working for NDDOT

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