LPA/MPO Qualification Based Selection

2024 Pavement Conditions and Analysis Report (5/22/2024 to 6/12/2024)

The BMMPO is requesting services to evaluate pavement conditions on all functionally classified collector and arterial roadways within the BMMPO.

2026-2030 Transit Development Plan (5/20/2024 to 6/12/2024)

FM Metro COG in coordination with Metro Area Transit (MATBUS) is looking for a consultant to help complete the 2026-2030 TDP.

Grand Forks is Requesting Proposals for Construction Engineering Services (5/21/2024 to 6/11/2024)

Eddy County is requesting proposals for Construction Engineering Services (5/8/2024 to 5/30/2024)

Eddy County will engage the services of a prequalified engineering firm to perform Construction Engineering on BRP-1400(050) PCN 23552.