Design Manual


The Design Manual is a document that is constantly being updated for various reasons. We recommend that you utilize the electronic version of the Design Manual on the web site.Highway in North Dakota Badlands This will insure you have the latest working copy of the Design Manual. All of the latest updates to the Design Manual will be posted in Chapter 1, Section 18 of the Design Manual. Click on "Recent Revisions" to see these updates.

This manual provides a convenient guide for NDDOT policies, procedures, and design values that are presently recommended for road and bridge designers. Designers and other users should follow the policies, procedures, and guidelines; as well as other guidance and principles provided by AASHTO and other publications.


Guidelines (Section I-06) pdf file
Pipe Selection (V-05) pdf file
Pipe Backfill Table (Section V-05A) pdf file
Reference and Forms
Design Memorandums
Plan Preparation Guide
Cultural Resources
Standard Drawings


Chapter VII: Geotechnical Studies and Design


Design Distribution List