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1. What is 511?
511 is America's new, easy-to-remember travel information telephone number. Regardless of the traveler's location, 511 gives travelers choices - choice of time and choice of route – to provide a safe and efficient transportation system. 511 will replace and consolidate a proliferation of travel information telephone numbers around the country, estimated at more than 300 in 1999.
2. How did 511 get started?
3. When did North Dakota become involved?
4. How soon will 511 be available nationwide?
5. What area does North Dakota’s 511 service cover?
6. How can I access North Dakota's 511 information?
7. What type of information is available?
8. How much does a call to 511 cost users?
9. What should I do if I have trouble using 511 from my wireline or wireless phone?
10. What if I have trouble dialing 511 from my work phone?
11. How often is the information updated?
12. Can I get information about a specific road?
13. Why can’t I get information for US 281 between Carrington and Jamestown?
14. What is a Mile Point?
15. What happened to the NDDOT's 800 and local road condition phone numbers?
16. Where does the information originate?
17. Why doesn’t the 511 system understand what I’m saying (voice recognition)?
18. What is 511's relationship to 911?
19. How is 511 different from radio and TV news?
20. What is the role of the wireless phone in making calls to 511?
21. How often is the 511 information updated?
22. What does it mean when there is No Travel Advised; does it mean the road is closed?