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Williston District Construction Projects

US 85 – I-94 to Watford City Bypass

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Project Description

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) in cooperation with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is initiating the environmental review process for a proposed project to four lane US Highway 85, approximately 62 miles, from the Interstate-94 Interchange to the Watford City Bypass (Co Road 30) in Stark, Billings, and McKenzie Counties. The proposed project will also consider rehabilitation or replacement of the historic Long X Bridge over the Little Missouri River.

Environmental Process

The NDDOT and FHWA have initiated an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to evaluate alternatives and impacts associated with the proposed project. The EIS will developed following the procedures set for by:

  • Councils on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Regulations for Implementing NEPA
  • Section 6002 of the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient, Transportation Equity Act-Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU)
  • FHWA Technical Advisory for Preparing and Processing Environmental and Section 4(f) Documents
Notice of Intent

Cooperating Agencies:

  • National Park Service
  • US Forest Service
  • US Army Corps of Engineers

Public Involvement


Project Map

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project map

Project Milestones

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project milestones

Stakeholder Group

A Stakeholder Group has been formed to give advice to the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) by providing informed and thoughtful input and to act as a liaison to other groups, individuals, business owners and landowners throughout the EIS process. These stakeholders are another resource for questions or input on the project.

  • Kevin Brodie, Federal Highway Administration
  • Matt Linneman, ND Department of Transportation
  • Larry Gangl, ND Department of Transportation
  • Joel Wilt, ND Department of Transportation
  • Jeani Borchert, ND Department of Transportation
  • Jen Turnbow, KLJ
  • Troy Ripplinger, KLJ
  • Mike Huffignton, KLJ
  • Wendy Ross, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, National Park Service
  • Chad Sexton, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, National Park Service
  • Swade Hammond, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Jason Dekker, US Forest Service
  • Pete Coffey, Tribal Consultation Committee
  • Ben Rhodd, Tribal Consultation Committee
  • Jeff Iverson, Billings County and City of Belfield
  • Juliana Hammerstrom, Billings County
  • Stacey Swanson, Billings County
  • Mike Kasian, Billings County
  • Julie Reis, Fairfield
  • Gene Veeder, McKenzie County
  • Ryan Jilek, Stark County
  • Rick Jore, Watford City
  • Jan Swenson, Badlands Conservation Alliance
  • Hugh Hlebechuk, Contractor
  • Valerie Naylor, National Parks Conservation Association
  • Bruce Kreft, ND Game & Fish Department
  • Mike McEnroe, ND Wildlife Federation
  • Cody Northrop, ONEOK
  • Cal Klewin, Theodore Roosevelt Expressway
  • Gaylon Baker, Theodore Roosevelt Expressway
  • Richard Volesky, Billings County Pioneer
  • Gus Tarnavsky, Landowner
  • Vonne Tarnavsky, Landowner
  • Teresa Kessel, Landowner
  • Anthony Kessel, Landowner