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Mandan Main Street Project

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Project Background

The City of Mandan, in partnership with the Bismarck-Mandan Metropolitan Planning Organization, recently completed a Downtown Mandan Subarea Study This study identified, evaluated, and prioritized the best solutions for Main Street – solutions that would reduce speeding, mitigate rear-end crash trends, and create a safe and inviting pedestrian environment with decorative lighting, bulb-outs, and planters. Recommendations from this study received funding for construction through the NDDOT Urban Grant Program. The timing of this project coincided with a planned NDDOT project scheduled for Main Street that would upgrade the existing traffic signals through downtown Mandan.

Project Description

The proposed project consists of following improvements to Main Street:

  • Convert the existing 4-lane street to a 3-lane street from Collins Avenue to 10th Avenue NW/ND 6.
  • Construct curb bulb-outs along the north side of Main Street, with decorative lighting and landscaping, from 4th Avenue NW to Collins Avenue.
  • Concrete pavement repair from the Heart River Bridge to Twin City Drive.
  • Consider pedestrian crossings at 4th Avenue NW and 1st Avenue NW.

Planned improvements under the previously approved traffic signal project includes:

  • Replace signals at 6th Avenue NW, 3rd Avenue NW, Collins Avenue, 6th Avenue SE/ND 1806
  • Remove traffic signals at 10th Avenue NW/ND 6 and 1st Avenue NW.


Project Timeline

Project Map

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Opportunities to Participate:

Public Input Meeting

You are invited to attend a Public Input Meeting to learn more about the project, ask questions, and provide input to the design team. A brief presentation will provide an overview of the project, as well as concept illustrations of potential improvements.

Public input meeting. location: Harvest Catering & Events, 308 W Main St, Mandan. Date: April 25th, 2019. Time: 6PM to 8PM. Meeting attendees

Check out the Newspaper Ad for additional information.

Steering Committee

In an effort to collaborate with a cross-section of the community, the City of Mandan has assembled a steering committee of the following members:

  • Laurie Leingang, Community Beautification Committee
  • Ellen Huber, Business Development
  • Mitch Bitz, Public Works
  • Lee Pierce, Visitors Committee
  • Steve Nardello, Mandan Fire Department
  • Hannah Hilfer-Schafer, Small Business Representative
  • Del Wetsch, Mandan Progress Organization
  • Julie Haibeck, Mandan Parking Authority
  • Amber Larson, Mandan Architectural Review Commission
  • Darren Haugen, Renaissance Zone Committee
  • Justin Froseth, City of Mandan Planning & Engineering
  • John Van Dyke, City Planner
  • Jim Neubauer, City Administrator

Steering Committee Roles and Responsibilities

  • Help Establish Project Goals / Objectives
  • Assist in Making Decisions
  • Assist in Determining Scope of Improvements
  • Question Assumptions / Design Concepts
  • Act on Behalf of Residents and Business Owners
  • Help Resolve Conflicts Between Stakeholders & Public
  • Collaborate, Communicate, and Participate!

Summary of Steering Committee Meeting #1

Members of the Steering Committee convened at the Mandan City Hall Veterans Conference Room on Thursday March 21, 2019 at 10:00 am. An overview of the project was presented, along with roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee during the project.

Specific discussion was held on the Streetscape opportunities of the project at key intersections and curb extensions in Downtown Mandan. The goals of the Streetscape opportunities were discussed as follows;

  • Seek to further unify the Downtown Area
  • Enhance pedestrian safety, comfort, and experience
  • Promote and preserve Mandan’s local history and culture
  • Increase investor and business confidence in Downtown
  • Bring aged infrastructure into compliance with today’s standards
  • Balance proposed elements with emphasis on long-term sustainability and maintenance

The Steering Committee discussed several options and opportunities to address the above goals. They shared information on what Streetscape elements they felt would be most successful to be included in the project including street trees, decorative sidewalk paving at curb extensions, and additional lighting with hanging flower baskets and festive banners. The design team will be working on these options and present them and other concepts for the Public Input Meeting on April 25, 2019.

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Project Team Contacts:

Troy Ripplinger, PE

Seng Marohl
NDDOT - Local Government Division

Justin Froseth, PE
City of Mandan