Transportation Connection


Transportation Connection is your opportunity to shape the future of North Dakota’s future transportation system and to help NDDOT understand what, how, when, and where transportation investments are needed.


Transportation Connection is the statewide plan for all of transportation across North Dakota and will look out 20 years into the future. This is your opportunity to help identify plausible future scenarios and to tell us what you think North Dakota will look like and what will be needed in 2045.


Transportation Connection is your opportunity to inform North Dakota’s shared future vision, values, goals, strategies, and performance measures for the statewide transportation system.


Transportation Connection is a plan for all of North Dakota and is your opportunity to help NDDOT identify priorities, implement actions, and measure our success moving forward. We know the future is uncertain and this plan will help NDDOT remain agile and responsive to evolving customer needs.


Transportation Connection is your plan and your opportunity to shape North Dakota’s transportation future. Your voice and your ideas are essential and we want to hear from you directly. Tell your friends, neighbors, and co-workers just how important it is that NDDOT hears from them to help develop this plan and to help make transportation easy, safe, and accessible for everyone.

Transportation planning covers a wide variety of issues. We have developed a series of six surveys to allow you to give feedback on those most important to you. Surveys will be added over the coming weeks so stop back often to complete them all. Participate in one or all of them, we want to hear from you. Click on the icon below to take the corresponding survey.

The six surveys are broken up into the following topic areas:

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North Dakota’s roads and rails are essential for the movement of freight, packages, and parcels which help our businesses and communities thrive. Tell us how you think transportation should support the state economy by completing the Connectivity Survey.

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Delays from road work, congested areas or event traffic can have a significant impact on your travel time. We want you to be informed with important travel alerts, construction notices and planning for roadway expansion. How can we help you get where you are going?

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Roads and Bridges that are in good condition keep traffic moving smoothly without damage to vehicles. Help us understand your expectations for potholes, signs and rough roads.

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Recovery from natural disasters, flooding, and blizzards keeps our maintenance teams across the state busy. Technology has helped us keep you informed. Help us find the best ways to keep you moving.

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Helping you arrive at your destination safe and sound is something we strive for each day. What safety concerns do you have?

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We have all kinds of modes of transportation in North Dakota including: biking, transit, aviation and ride sharing services like Uber. Tell us how you like to move around the state.

Additional Input Opportunities

Click on the images below to visit different input activities.

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Youth Survey

Are you a 16-19 year old North Dakotan? We want your feedback about the state's current and future transportation system and how you get around!

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Tribal Coordination

There are 5,250 miles of public road located on tribal land in North Dakota. What should the NDDOT priorities be for coordinating transportation projects with tribal agencies?

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It’s time to talk dollars and cents! Learn about how the NDDOT is funded, and try your hand at balancing the budget.

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Priorities Survey

If you were the Director of the NDDOT, what would your top priority be?
Take the Priorities Survey and tell us what is most important to you.

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Scenario Planning

What will North Dakota be like in 2045? While we can’t predict exactly what the future holds, join us in exploring four possible scenarios and share your feedback on each.

Photograph of smart phone showing a map

Highway Map Survey

NDDOT provides a ND Highway Map on our website and at rest areas and tourist sites around the state. We are looking for ways to improve these tools to provide the information that you want, where you want it. Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions about how we can make this map better serve your needs.

Photograph of small children in car in field and caption 'Transportation Connection 101'

Transportation Connection 101

This interactive tour + survey is your opportunity to learn more about Transportation Connection - a plan for the future of transportation in North Dakota – and your opportunity to tell us what is important. Thanks for clicking through and answering a few quick questions.

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Customer Expectations Survey

Customer service is an important aspect of the Transportation Connection plan. In order to deliver exceptional customer service, we first need to find out what your expectations are.

Photograph of an older man and smaller child on a ferris wheel

Demographics Survey

Help us get to know you better. We want to be sure that we are reaching all North Dakota residents, so it would be great if you could share a little bit more information about yourself by completing a short demographic survey. Don’t worry, your information will not be used or retained in any other way.



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