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Thank you for your interest in staying informed and participating in the ND State Freight & Rail Plan. Please take a few minutes to complete our participant survey. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related nondiscrimination authorities require North Dakota Department of Transportation to ensure everyone has the opportunity to comment on the transportation programs and activities that may affect their community. The data collected in this survey is anonymous and ensures our planning efforts reflect thorough representation.

What is the Freight
& Rail Plan?

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) is creating the first combined State Freight & Rail Plan.

The State Freight & Rail Plan will assess all freight modes, identify needs and issues, provide recommendations for policies, programs, processes, and identify potential projects that improve efficiency, reliability and safety. The State Freight and Rail Plan will rely on private sector shippers and carriers, state and local agencies and public input to direct future freight and rail transportation in the state.

At a Glance

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Ensure safe freight and rail transportation

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Provide efficient and reliable freight and rail service

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Increase economic development opportunities through expansion

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Fund future freight and rail improvements

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Define ND’s role in freight and rail transportation

Plan Goals

The five goals of the State Freight and Rail Plan align with Transportation Connection, North Dakota’s Long-Range Transportation Plan adopted in June 2021.

Plan Timeline

Spring/Summer 2021: We are Here, Plan framework begins, data gathering, stakeholder and public engagement, analysis and assessments. Fall/Winter 2021: Stakeholder and Public Engagement Continues, Analysis and assessments continues. Winter/Spring 2022: Recommendations, next steps. Summer 2022: Final Plan and report.