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ND Moves: Statewide Active and Public Transportation Plan

What is ND Moves?

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) developed a Statewide Active and Public Transportation Plan in 2019 branded as ND Moves. The plan addresses multiple modes of mobility including public transit, walking, and bicycling—identifying needs and opportunities across the transportation spectrum for all users. This plan is intended to serve as a guide and a resource for accommodating active and public transportation in the development of state and local transportation systems and programs.

The ND Moves plan was developed with our planning partners from:

ND Moves Transportation Plan

The plan is intended to be used as a guide by state, regional, and local transportation providers and focuses on:

  • Citizen needs and desires for public and active transportation
  • Policy framework to direct development of statewide systems
  • Statewide Bike Route recommendations
  • Transportation facility designs to accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists and bus stops
  • Performance Measures to gauge progress toward implementation

Final Adopted Plan:

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