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NDDOT is in the early stages of developing a statewide active and public transportation plan.



The Statewide Active and Public Transportation Plan, or ND Moves, will review and identify existing and emerging needs and recommend strategies for the future of biking, walking, rolling, and transit across the state. State, regional, and local stakeholders will be engaged in this process to help identify needs and opportunities and provide direction on the overall vision for the North Dakota transportation system. Ultimately, the plan will help to update or establish guidance on statewide programming and policies for NDDOT, and can also provide support and guidance to local communities.

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Project information including goals, timeline, and study area can be found in the Project Fact Sheet. Please click the icon below to download:

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Project Resources

Meeting Materials:

  • Plan Overview (PDF)
  • Project Committees (PDF)
  • Schedule and Work Tasks (PDF)
  • Preliminary Health and Equity Findings (PDF)
  • Active Transportation System (PDF)
  • 2016 Statewide Transit Snapshot (PDF)
  • State Transit System Existing Conditions (PDF)
  • System Investment and Programming (PDF)
  • Stay Connected (PDF)

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Arrow Schedule

The overall process for the creation of this plan is:



Plan Development:

September 2017 –
April 2018

Plan Draft Completion:

May 2018 –
June 2018

Public Engagement:

September 2017 –
June 2018



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For questions or comments about the project, please use the contact information or comment form shown here:

Steve Mullen, Project Manager
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