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•   What do I need when selling a vehicle (changing vehicle ownership)?

• Part 1 Assignment & Warranty of Title must be signed and dated by seller(s)/transferor(s), completed to include, the buyer/transferees name, the purchase price and the purchase date. A current odometer reading is required on all motor vehicles 2011 and newer
• A vehicle less than nine (9) years old SFN 18609 Damage/Salvage Disclosure Statement must be completed by the seller.
• When the owner of a vehicle sells, trades, or otherwise transfers the ownership of the vehicle, the license plate(s) must be removed by the seller and the vehicle will be considered unlicensed.
• The owner/seller/transferor shall deliver the endorsed certificate of title to the transferee within fifteen (15) days.
• The buyer may operate the vehicle for a maximum of five (5) days from date of acquisition without displaying any visible evidence of registration. However, the applicant/buyer/transferee must have dated evidence of ownership in the vehicle during these five (5) days. Dated evidence of ownership is either a dated bill of sale or a dated copy of the certificate of title.

•   When I sell my vehicle, am I required to keep my license plate(s)?

Yes. Vehicle owners must remove the license plate(s) from their vehicle whenever the vehicle is sold or transferred. The vehicle will be considered unlicensed, and subject to a full year license fee when re-titled.