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11/20/2020 11:05 AM

NDDOT Communications

North Dakota leads nation in highway performance and cost-effectiveness

North Dakota’s highway system ranks first in the nation in overall performance and cost-effectiveness, according to the Annual Highway Report published this week by Reason Foundation.

“This report recognizes the North Dakota Department of Transportation’s (NDDOT) extraordinary efforts in maintaining and preserving our roads,” says NDDOT Director Bill Panos. “The finding of this year’s report illustrates that preserving roads early is a good investment. Thanks to the Governor and state Legislature, we have the ability to make these essential infrastructure investments.”

The Reason Foundation’s Annual Highway Report measures the condition and cost-effectiveness of state-controlled highways in 13 categories, including pavement condition, traffic congestion, structurally deficient bridges, traffic fatalities, and spending (capital, maintenance, administrative, overall) per mile. While North Dakota ranks first overall, in safety and performance categories, North Dakota ranks 21st in overall fatality rate, and 42nd in structurally deficient bridges, two areas that are the agency’s focus in the upcoming legislative session. Finally, North Dakota ranks 3rd in traffic congestion, 5th in urban Interstate pavement condition, and 5th in rural Interstate pavement condition.  

“The Reason Foundation report is a reflection of the Department’s efforts to put as much of its revenues as possible onto the roads and bridges, says Panos. “It also shows that there is more work to do as we need to focus on state bridges and make timely investments in many areas.”

The Reason Foundation’s Annual Report on the Performance of State Highway Systems analyzes the condition, performance and cost effectiveness including administrative overhead of the state-owned road networks and bridges.


The North Dakota Department of Transportation maintains 8,624 roadway miles of highway and 1,725 bridges throughout the state.

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