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05/21/2020 10:45 AM

NDDOT and partners officially kick-off construction season

BISMARCK, ND - The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) is kicking off the 2020 construction season with the help from the Associated General Contractors of North Dakota and the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

This year’s construction season consists of approximately $400 million of projects throughout North Dakota to enhance the state’s highway system.

“In 2019 we had two work zone related fatalities on our highways,” said Ron Henke, NDDOT deputy director. “Our hope is that motorists can take the necessary precautions when in a work zone to make this number zero in the future.”

Motorists should slow down and drive distraction free to help increase safety throughout work zones. Other tips for motorists include:

  • Follow signage and be aware that traffic configurations often change in work zones.
  • Be patient. Work zones are not present to inconvenience drivers, they are an important part in maintaining and rebuilding our state’s infrastructure.
  • Stay alert. Dedicate your full attention to the roadway.

“Work zones typically have narrowed lanes, reduced speeds, shifted lanes, and temporary pavement,” said Russ Hanson, executive vice president of the Associated General Contractors of North Dakota. “When you see orange signs for work zones ahead, slow down, be ready for sudden stops, and watch for flaggers, workers, and heavy equipment close to the roadway.”

Following these simple tips will not only help motorists stay safe and reach their destination, but it will help to protect contractors who are working alongside traffic.

“These workers are our neighbors and friends and like us, they go home each night to their families,” said Captain Bryan Niewind with the North Dakota Highway Patrol. “Their lives are important, so be patient, drive slow, obey construction zone signs.”

Motorists can stay updated on state construction projects in several ways:

2020 NDDOT Highway Construction Projects  

Below is a list of major road construction projects taking place on state highways during the 2020 construction season. The projects are listed according to the NDDOT District in which they are located.

Bismarck District:

McLean, Sheridan, Oliver, Burleigh, Kidder, Morton, Grant, Sioux, Logan, Emmons, Mercer, Wells and McIntosh counties.

  • Reconstruction of 43rd Avenue from Montreal Street to State Street in Bismarck
  • Milling and overlay on US 83 NB/SB from Bismarck to Wilton
  • Milling and overlay on ND 36 from Wilton to Junction ND 14
  • Main Street signals, curb and gutter, lighting, landscaping in Bismarck
  • Safety Corridor on US 83 from Bismarck to Washburn 

Dickinson District:

Golden Valley, Billings, Dunn, Mercer, Stark, Slope, Hettinger, Bowman and Adams counties.

  • Surfacing and widening on ND 22 from Junction 12 to New England
  • Major rehabilitation on ND 8 from Junction 200 to Twin Buttes
  • Lighting and signals on Villard Street in Dickinson
  • Pedestrian Bridge on I-94 Business loop in Dickinson 

Williston District:

Divide, Burke, Williams, Mountrail, McKenzie and Ward counties.

  • Concrete overlay on US 2 from Blaisdell to west of Berthold
  • Reconstruction of ND 1804 from Red Mike Area to west of Williston
  • Major rehabilitation on ND 73 from Junction ND 23 to mile 6
  • Bridge deck overlay on ND 23 Four Bears Bridge
  • Reconstruction of intersection of ND 1804 and 7th Avenue East in Williston

Minot District:

Renville, Bottineau, Mountrail, McHenry, Ward, McLean, Sheridan, Wells, Rollette and Pierce counties.

  • Major rehabilitation on ND 37 from Parshall to 4 miles east of Junction 1804
  • Reconstruction of 31st Avenue from Broadway to 13th Street Southeast in Minot
  • Overlay on ND 37 from Garrison to Junction 83
  • Micro surfacing on ND 43 from Junction ND 14 to Junction US 281

Devils Lake District:

Rolette, Towner, Cavalier, Pierce, Ramsey, Benson, Wells, Eddy, Nelson, Foster, Griggs and Stutsman counties.

  • Major rehabilitation on US 2 west of Devils Lake
  • Major rehabilitation on US 281 from Sheyenne to near Junction ND 57
  • Grade raise on ND 20 north of Devils Lake

Valley City District:

Stutsman, Barnes, Logan, Lamoure, McIntosh, Dickey, Kidder, Foster, Steele and Ransom counties.

  • Milling and overlay ND 46 from Junction 281 to Junction ND 1
  • 5th Avenue Northwest reconstruction in Valley City
  • Milling and overlay on ND 1 from Junction 194 North to Junction ND 26
  • Main Street milling and overlay, lighting, signals, bikeway, ramp revisions in Valley City

Fargo District:

Traill, Cass, Richland, Sargent, Ransom, Steele, Grand Forks, Lamoure and Dickey counties.

  • Milling and overlay on ND 32 from Junction ND 13 to Lisbon
  • Reconstruction of Main Avenue from University Drive to west of Broadway in Fargo
  • Bridge deck overlay on I-29 3 miles north of ND 200
  • Structural replacement 1 mile south of Mayville on ND 18
  • Concrete median barrier on I-29 South of 17th Avenue South in Fargo
  • Overlay on ND 18 from Junction ND 11 near Lidgerwood to Junction ND 13 near Wyndmere
  • Deck overlay on 12th Avenue North in Fargo
  • Concrete pavement repair and chip sealing on ND 13 from I-29 to Wahpeton

Grand Forks District:

Pembina, Nelson, Walsh, Grand Forks, Griggs, Steele, Cavalier, Ramsey, Traill and Cass counties.

  • Concrete overlay on US 2 from Grand Forks Air Force Base to 69th Street
  • North Washington Street concrete pavement repair in Grand Forks
  • Milling and overlay on ND 1 from ND 26 to East Junction ND 200
  • Milling and overlay with pipe repairs on ND 1 from Lakota to near Edmore
  • University Avenue milling and overlay from State Street to 3rd Street in Grand Forks
  • 5th Street from US 2 to Demers Avenue milling and overlay in Grand Forks

*This is a list of major NDDOT state highway projects bid for the 2020 construction program and does not include multi-year projects. For information on local city or county projects, please contact local officials.