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05/18/2018 11:25 AM

Heroes of NDDOT named

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) recently held their first annual “Heroes of NDDOT” award ceremony on Saturday, May 12 in Bismarck. The NDDOT Heroes Program honors current employees who are true ambassadors and leaders for the Department.

The NDDOT is proud to honor the following employees as "Heroes of NDDOT:"

  • Kirk Hoff, Dean Schloss and all of the Bismarck District employees for their selfless support during the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests (DAPL) which helped ensure public safety for more than 230 days in Morton County.
  • Communication Division Employees, Jamie Olson, Terri Wilhelm, Peggy Anderson, Brian Wallner and Poppy Mills (Central Office Bismarck) for their extraordinary service in working with other agencies and providing important information to the public concerning the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protest.
  • Dickinson District employee, Mark Aman (Richardton Section), for his extraordinary customer service in helping a stranded motorist during inclement weather conditions during the winter of 2014. 
  • Fargo District employee, Todd Hagan (Wahpeton Section), for his selfless and quick action in assisting a man on the highway who had been stabbed and was in need of shelter and medical attention. 
  • Fargo District employee, Dean Overby (Wahpeton Section), for his extraordinary service by going above and beyond and plowing the road ahead of emergency crews that were trying to get a woman in labor to the hospital during a severe winter storm. 
  • Jacob Carlson, Grand Forks District, for his professionalism in helping set up traffic control with his snow plow during a major traffic incident on I-29 during the winter of 2018. 
  • Grand Forks District employees, Britton Smith and Lincoln Marshall, for their extraordinary service by driving through an evening blizzard from Grand Forks to meet emergency personnel and pick up a stranded motorist on I-29 south of Drayton during the winter of 2016. 
  • Grand Forks District employees, Ron Nesdahl and Paul Czapiewski (Larimore Section), for their extraordinary service in plowing the road ahead of an ambulance crew allowing them to travel from Larimore to pick up a patient at the Grand Forks Air Force Base and transport them to a hospital in Grand Forks during the winter of 2016. 
  • Grand Forks District employees, Rick Kendall, Brian Thompson and Randy Ermer (Cavalier Section), for the extraordinary service provided for clearing roads during an all-night blizzard on Christmas of 2016 so emergency crews could transport a patient to a hospital in another city.
  • Minot District employees, Daniel Held, Vince Sabbe, Ron Selensky, and Barry Sommer (Harvey Section), for their extraordinary customer service in helping a stranded motorist with a medical condition change a tire during inclement weather conditions.
  • Williston District Employee, Ed Nelson, for his selfless support in providing snow plow operations to an emergency crew that helped save a Williston man’s life after a massive heart attack on Christmas Day of 2016.

Award recipients were recognized for their actions which demonstrate heroic and selfless acts to those in need and also provide essential services to the public.

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