06/27/2018 03:57 PM

NDDOT teams up with local communities for ‘pop-up’ transportation projects

The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) is teaming up with local communities to plan, design and install temporary Active Transportation Demonstration Projects this summer. These temporary demonstration projects, or “pop-up” projects are a community approach at building short-term projects to help determine the public’s desired types of long-term changes for safer streets and healthier, more vibrant communities. Input from the public in each community is encouraged and is a large part of each projects’ success and possible permanent installation.


“Demonstration projects allow people walking, biking, taking transit or driving to test run potential project features,” says Steve Mullen, NDDOT planner and project manager. “Along with helping NDDOT determine the types of walkable features the public likes, the pop-up projects also help communities determine how to incorporate active transportation into their long term planning.”


Communities will be installing the projects for a short duration of time and community members are encouraged to utilize the project and provide input either at the project location or through the online survey: http://bit.ly/NDMoves. Pop-up projects include using temporary materials for installations such as bike lanes, mini roundabouts, crosswalk enhancements, park benches, decorative features on curbs and roadways, etc.


The NDDOT has been working with local communities along with the North Dakota Department of Health over the last several months to recruit communities to participate in the program. Nine communities are taking part in this first round of projects which will be installed at various times in June and July.


Communities participating in the program include: