Approved Products

Approved Products for Construction Materials

The North Dakota Department of Transportation does not maintain an Approved Products List for construction related materials.

The contractor must provide products that meet the specified requirements listed in North Dakota Standard Specification for Road and Bridge Construction. The contractor will be required to certify the products meet the specifications and the department will randomly test products to assure the specifications are met.

If a new product appears to have a benefit beyond the current specifications, or if a specification does not exist, the department will review the information provided. This information must include the technical data for the product, benefit that the product will provide, references where the product has been used and independent laboratory test results verifying the specifications.

New products the department elects to use will be used on an evaluation basis. The manufacturer or supplier must be willing to provide the product and be present during installation to ensure recommended procedures are followed.

Upon completion of the evaluation, the department will analyze the information and determine if changes to the specifications are warranted.

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