Motorist Service Signing Information

Motorist Service Signing (TODS and TSAC) Information

Tourist Signing Advisory Committee (TSAC) is responsible for allowing Recreational, Tourist, and Historical Signing to direct motorists to attractions along the North Dakota State Highway System.

Tourist-Oriented Directional Signs (TODS) provide identification and directional information for tourist related businesses, services, or activities including agricultural business and tourist attractions for recreation, historical sites, festival and cultural events, lodging and food services. Any questions involving TODS should be directed to the District Sign Shop Supervisor.

TSAC (Recreational, Tourist & Historical Signing Guidelines)

This page provides instructions for signing relating to recreational, tourist, and historical features along the North Dakota State Highway System. When the attraction to be signed is not visible from the highway, adequate signing must be provided and maintained by the requester to direct motorists to the attraction after leaving the state highway. Therefore, the applicant must submit this application through one of the following governmental agencies: Board of County Commissioners, City Government, and/or Bureau of Indian Affairs. This is to assure these agencies are aware of the possibility of additional signing on streets or roads under their jurisdiction. State and Federal agencies may submit an application directly to Tourist Signing Advisory Committee (TSAC) for property they control.


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TODS/TSAC Contact Information