LCV Pilot Program

NDDOT Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) Pilot Program

What is the LCV Pilot Program?

North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) has been directed by the 2021 ND Legislature through SB 2026 as follows: During the 2021-22 interim, the department of transportation shall study and conduct pilot projects on the feasibility and impact of long combination vehicle operations on North Dakota roadways.

SB 2026 included a provision that trucks with cargo carrying length of up to approximately 130 feet would be studied in the process.

Link to SB 2026

What is a Long Combination Vehicle (LCV)?

According to FMCSA Longer combination vehicles, commonly called “LCVs,” are tractor-trailer combinations with two or more trailers that may exceed 80,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW load carrying capacity).

Triple trailer semi truck Double trailer semi truck

Under the LCV Pilot Program defined in SB 2026, shipments with a cargo carrying length up to approximately 130 feet and a GVW load carrying capacity of up to approximately 150,000 lbs. would be allowed subject to the bridge gross weight formula calculations (NDCC Section 39-12-05).

NDDOT is Soliciting Proposed Pilot Routes and LCV Configuration’s

NDDOT is soliciting applications from shippers for specific routes and truck configurations for consideration under the LCV Pilot Program.

Eligible Pilot Routes

NDDOT cannot override length limits on the national network. Only the green colored routes shown in the graphic below can be considered for the pilot. County, Township, City or private routes can be proposed but will require a review by that jurisdiction and a seperate agreement beyond the state issued agreement. A PDF can be downloaded at the following link: SB 2026 Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) Pilot Program Map

SB 2026 Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) Pilot Program

Process and Instructions for the LCV Pilot Program Study

Deadline for submissions November 30, 2021.