Transportation Alternatives Program

The Transportation Alternatives Program was authorized under Section 1122 of the current transportation bill, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21). TAP redefines the former Transportation Enhancement activities and consolidates these eligibilities with the former Safe Routes to School program.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects:

Bike & Pedestrian Trail Sunset Park - Mandan
Bike and Pedestrian Trail
Sunset Park - Mandan
The construction of on-street and off-street bicycle and pedestrian facilities
The construction of Safe routes to School projects
The construction of projects for non-drivers, including children, older adults, and individuals with disabilities
Preservation of abandoned railway corridors including the conversion for use as bicycle or pedestrian trail or
Preservation of abandoned railway corridors including the conversion and use for trails for a non-motorized user
Traffic calming and speed reduction improvements
Pedestrian and bicycle crossing improvements
Secure bicycle parking facilities
Traffic diversion improvements in the vicinity of schools

Scenic and Environmental Projects:

Turnouts, overlooks, and viewing areas
Vegetation management practices in transportation rights-of-way
Archaeological activities relating to impacts from implementation of a transportation project
Streetscape improvements and corridor landscaping
Establishing living snow-fences
Control and removal of outdoor advertising
Environmental mitigation to address water pollution due to highway runoff or reduce vehicle-caused wildlife mortality while maintaining habitat connectivity

Tetrault Woods Overlook
Pembina Gorge
Tetrault Woods Overlook
Pembina Gorge

Historic Projects:

Elks Footbridge in Valley City

Elks Footbridge Restoration

Valley City

Historic preservation and rehabilitation of operating historic transportation facilities










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