Recent Former TE and SRTS Projects

Interpretive Displays

Missouri River at Fort Buford 
Confluence of Yellowstone
Overlook at the Confluence
of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers
Missouri River at Fort Buford 
Confluence of Yellowstone

Downtown Park


Living Snow Fence

Living snow fence
Mclean County

Living snow fence
Mclean County

Trees and shrubs can be used to control snow deposition on roadways, urban streets and rural roads. This project is located in Mclean County. It has successfully provided protection for the roadway.


Shared Use Path Projects

Morton County

Path project in Morton County
north of Mandan

Path project in Morton County
north of Mandan

This shared use path project in Morton County is along ND 1806 north of Mandan. It serves a growing rural population just north of the city.

Turtle Mountains - Lake Metigoshe

Path project in Morton County
north of Mandan

Path project at Lake Metigoshe

This shared use path through the forest around Lake Metigoshe was completed in 2007. Completion of this eight mile trail has been a goal of Bottineau County since the beginning of the TE program.

Jamestown Reservoir

Path project in Morton County
north of Mandan

Path project at Jamestown Reservoir

Shared use paths are transportation routes and people desire to use them year round. Keeping them free of snow, such as Jamestown does with the James Reservoir shared use path, provides users great winter time bicycle/pedestrian transportation.

Park River in to Homme Dam

Path project in Morton County
north of Mandan

Homme Dam Trail

The city of Park River and Walsh County constructed a shared use path along the north side of ND 15. This park runs from the city to Homme Dam. It is an example of good design practices for a roadway crossing.

Safe Routes to School Funded Projects

Path project in Morton County
north of Mandan

Cavalier Pines SRTS Trail



  • Gwinner SRTS
  • Hillsboro SRTS
  • Killdeer Public Schools SRTS
  • Mandan SRTS


  • Crosby SRTS
  • Bike/Walk - Safe Fargo
  • Hillsboro SRTS
  • Milnor Safe Sidewalks
  • Minot Lewis & Clark Sidewalk Improvement Project
  • Parshall SRTS
  • Ray School Route Safety Improvement


  • Colfax SRTS
  • Ellendale - Great Strides n Ellendale
  • Surrey - Safe Routes for the Surrey Mustangs
  • Turtle Mountain Highway Bike Path
  • Valley City SRTS


  • Beach Safe Route
  • Belfield Improvement Plan
  • Burlington Soo Street to School Route
  • Minot Washington School Sidewalk
  • Oakes Sidewalk Improvement
  • Portland Sidewalk Improvement Project
  • Steele Infrastructure Project
  • Tioga SRTS
  • Velva Safe Routes to School
  • SRTS – City of Wahpeton
  • Williston Trinity Christian School Sidewalk

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  • Casselton Sidewalk Improvement
  • Ellendale Great Strides in Ellendale
  • Fargo Safer Routes to School Using Advanced Technologies
  • Grand Forks Non-infrastructure Projects
  • Harvey SRTS Sidewalk Improvement
  • Hettinger SRTS
  • Kindred Sidewalk Improvement
  • Milnor Keep our Kids Safe - SRTS
  • Rugby SRTS Program
  • Stanley School Access, Sidewalk, and Crosswalk Improvements
  • Walhalla Safe Routes to School
  • Washburn Restoration of Hwy 83 Walking/Bicycling Tunnel


  • Cavalier Pines Bike Path Trail
  • Working for a Safer Dickinson
  • Grafton Safe Routes to School
  • Grand Forks Non-infrastructure Projects
  • Hankinson Safe Routes to School Project
  • Hettinger Safe Routes to School Program
  • Larimore Safe Routes to School
  • Minot Safe Routes to School Comprehensive Plan


  • Ashley 2007 Sidewalk Project
  • Bismarck Facilities & Transportation Sidewalk
  • Bismarck Ash Coulee Drive Trail
  • Bowman 2008 "Safe Sidewalk" Project
  • Devils Lake 12th Avenue Pedestrian Path
  • Grand Forks School Signs and Pavement Markings
  • Grand Forks Accessibility Ramps
  • Grand Forks Safe Kids Grand Forks
  • Jamestown Louis L’Amour Elementary School Sidewalk & Safety
  • Minot 6th Street SE Pedestrian Improvements
  • Park River School Route Improvement Project
  • City of Wahpeton SRTS Phase 1
Path project in Morton County
north of Mandan