Highway Traffic Noise

Noise is considered unwanted sound. One of the most significant sources is from transportation, particularly traffic noise.

Highway noise comes from three sources: the engine, the exhaust system and the interaction of the tires and pavement. Once typical highway speeds are reached, the predominate noise from light trucks and cars is from the tire/pavement interaction. Heavy trucks produce a high volume of noise from all these sources. Helping to alleviate these negative impacts is the objective of noise abatement.

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NDDOT Policy and Guidance

NDDOT Noise Policy and Guidance (2011) pdf file
NDDOT Noise Template Word Doc

*The above links can also be found on the NDDOT Design Manual Reference and Forms page.



Noise and NEPA pdf file

Public Education and Information

Virginia Department of Transportation
Traffic Noise Activity Book (Designed for kids)

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

For more information, visit the (FHWA) website. This site contains many links to FHWA regulation and guidance materials, including construction noise, measurement, and noise compatible planning.

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
FHWA Brochure: Keeping Down the Noise
Highway Traffic Noise: Analysis and Abatement Guidance.
Traffic Noise Model
FHWA - Noise FAQ’s