Veteran Indicator

Veteran Indicator

Regular North Dakota Drivers License

Who qualifies for a Veteran Indicator?

NDCC 37-01-40(1) Veteran defined – Uniform service dates for wartime veterans.

A “veteran” is an individual who has served on continuous federalized active military duty

for one hundred eighty days or the full period

for which the individual was called or ordered to active military duty

for reasons other than training,

and who was discharged or released
under other than dishonorable conditions

A discharge reflecting “expiration of term of service” or “completion of required service”
or words to that effect qualifies the shorter term of service as making the individual a veteran.

How Do I Apply?

A Veteran Service Officer needs to get a copy of your discharge papers (DD214) .
The Veteran Service Officer will verify the individual qualifies as a Veteran according to NDCC 37-01-04(1),
complete and sign the SFN 59980 “Verification of Veteran Status for Veteran Indicator on Drivers License” form.

An ND Drivers License Sites will accept this form during the driver's license renewal process.
If renewal is not due, an $8 duplicate fee will be charged.