Seasonal or Agri-Business License

Seasonal CDL License or Agri-Business License

Application Requirements

All areas on the application must be fully completed including applicant signature, employer signature and notary signature/stamp.

At any ND Drivers License Site you may pick up an application for a North Dakota Seasonal License.

Record Requirements

Applicant must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a valid North Dakota driver’s license for the entire duration of the 90 or 180-Day Seasonal License. If the applicant’s license will expire they will need to renew the license before a 90 or 180-Day Seasonal License can be processed.
  • Be currently licensed in North Dakota for one or more years
  • Have a current status of D or DM. It is okay for the applicant to have a CDL permit
  • Have a clean driving record for the past 24 months.
  • Not be suspended, revoked or cancelled in any other State
  • Not have had multiple licenses
  • Not have been convicted of any serious traffic violations or any disqualifying offenses
  • Not have been convicted for any accident related traffic law violations and no record of at-fault accidents

Medical Requirements

Applicant must meet all Federal Medical Requirements in 49 CFR 391. Some of the medical conditions which may disqualify an individual are:

  • Heart condition
  • Hearing impairment
  • Worse than 20/40 visual acuity in either eye
  • Diabetes controlled with insulin
  • Epilepsy
  • Loss of or loss of use of a limb
  • Seizure disorder requiring anti-seizure medication
  • Other existing medical conditions may require clearance by a Medical Examiner prior to issuance of a Seasonal License

Visual Requirements

Applicant must meet full Commercial Visual Requirements:

  • Visual Acuity must be corrected to 20/40 or better in each eye and both eyes together
  • Field of Vision must be at least 70 degrees Temporal in each eye.
  • Must have the ability to distinguish the colors red, green, and amber

Fee Requirements

The fee for a Seasonal License is $15.

Seasonal CDL Restrictions

  • May operate Class B or C vehicle groups within 150 miles from place of business or farm being served
  • May transport farm agricultural products, farm machinery, and supplies
  • Limited to transporting the following placarded hazardous materials
    • Diesel fuel of 1,000 gallons or less
    • Liquid fertilizer in vehicles with a total capacity of 3,000 gallons or less
    • Solid fertilizers that are not mixed with any organic substance
  • Only one 180-day or two 90-day licenses will be issued in a 12 month period