Reinstatement Fees

Reinstatement Fees

What is a reinstatement fee?

According to State Law, the Driver’s License Division may not release any suspended driving privileges
without first collecting a processing charge called a reinstatement fee.
The amount for a reinstatement fee will vary depending on the nature of your suspension.

How much is my reinstatement fee?



Fail to File Medical Report $25
Fail to File Visual Report $25
Fail to Meet Medical Requirements $25
Fail to Meet Visual Requirements $25
Fail to Take/Pass Test $25
Fail to Appear/Post Bond $50
Fail to Provide Proof of Insurance $50
Fail to Pay Fine/Serve Sentence $50
Fail to Maintain Liability Insurance $50
Fail to Pay Child Support $50
Accumulation of 12 or More Points $50
Driving Under Suspension $50
BAC Over the Legal Limits $100
Physical Control $100
Implied Consent $100
Refusal $100
Driving Under Revocation $100

How do I pay my reinstatement fee?

The Driver’s License Sites cannot take reinstatement fees.
All reinstatement fees must be submitted to Central Office for processing.
You may submit your payment one of three ways.

  1. Mail a check or money order made out to Drivers License division to:
    Drivers License Division
    608 E Blvd Ave
    Bismarck, ND 58505
  2. You may pay your reinstatement fee by phone using either a debit or credit card.
    American Express is not accepted.
    For medical/vision or re-examination related suspensions call 701-328-4353.
    All other suspensions must call 701-328-2604.
  3. Paying online may be an option.
    For all medical and re-examination related suspensions you must call 701-328-4353.
    Paying online may be an option for all other suspensions.
    You are required to pay the full amount using either a credit or debit card.
    You will need your name, driver identification number and credit/debit card information.
    You must pay the full amount of either $50 or $100.