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Welcome to NDDOT’s mobile Travel Information App – ND Roads. The App is intended for use by Apple/Android devices to view information that is relevant to the traveling public. The App allows you to access this information in both a map and text view. For a quick overview of the road conditions within North Dakota, select one of the pre-determined map/text views for information that you are interested in. Advanced options will allow users to add/remove map layers, save Favorites, identify features, search by keywords in the Text Version and select Common Routes. Please note that the ND Roads App is not to be used while driving.

Key Features include:

Map Views – View maps of the current traveler conditions directly on your mobile device.
Travel Messages – Important information about Travel Conditions within the State of North Dakota.
Weather Cameras – View images of weather conditions throughout the State of North Dakota.
Text Views – Searchable text versions of the current Road Conditions,Road Closures, Work Zones, and Load Restrictions.
Favorites – Save map layers with the your current area of interest (extent) as well as your favorite weather cameras for quick and easy access.
Common Route Information – Query conditions and weather cameras along a commonly traveled routes within North Dakota.


Where do I find the map “Legend”?
Within the map view, turn on the map toolbar (button in lower left hand corner), then click on the “Legend” button. The layers that are visible will have their legend expanded. For layers that are not currently visible in the current map view, click on the “plus” button to expand and view the legend.

What are Travel Messages?
Travel Messages are messages that the North Dakota Department of Transportation feels are important and the traveler should be informed about it immediately. Messages could include road closures, accidents affecting traffic flow, or severe weather. Users will be alerted to new messages by a red circle with a white number, the message indicator will be located in the upper right hand corner beside the “mail/message” icon.

What are common “Routes”?
Common Routes are approximately 100 mile travel segments that are between the most populous cities in North Dakota. When viewing a Common Route, the system will query all the different conditions within that stretch of highway and present it to the user. For example, if you travel between Dickinson and Bismarck, you can select that Common Route and access all the conditions along that route as well as cameras that are located between Dickinson and Bismarck.

How do I save a map view?
Within the map view, turn on the map toolbar (button in lower left hand corner), then click on the “Save” button. Enter the name of the your view, then click “Save”. Your view will be saved in “Favorites”. To access “Favorites”, starting at the “Home” screen, click on the “Favorites” button in the bottom toolbar.

How do I save a favorite camera?
From the “Home” screen click on the “Text” version of cameras, select the camera of interest, then click on the “Add to Favorites” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. To access “Favorites”, starting at the “Home” screen, click on the “Favorites” button in the bottom toolbar.

What is the “Refresh” button for?
ND Roads automatically checks the map server every minute to see if any of the map layers were updated. If any of the layers were updated, the system will refresh those layers. The “Refresh” button will manually check the server to see if any of the map layers were updated.

What does the “Locate” button do?
The “Locate” button will access the GPS on your smart device and will pan and zoom the map to your current location. Please note that the system will only check your GPS once when you click on the “Locate” button.

Does the map auto-pan when the “Locate” button is clicked?
ND Roads does not continually auto-pan the map when the “Locate” button is clicked. Continually accessing the GPS is resource intensive and would be a significant drain the battery.

I cannot get the App to load on my Apple/Android device, what are my options?
Please review other mobile options here. The App is also available as a web page and will work on most newer smart phones. If neither the App or web page are accessible by your device, there are static images and text versions of available that should be accessible by any device that can connect to the internet.