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If you are having problems with the North Dakota Travel Information Map web page please use the Travel Information Printable Maps and Text page to view maps and text versions of the North Dakota Road Conditions.

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Requirements/General Tips

Using the North Dakota Travel Information Map web page...
  • Requires a modern web browser. See ESRI Javascript API Browser Requirements
  • Use of high-speed cable or DSL access ("broadband") is HIGHLY recommended. Dial-up access via a modem may work, but the web page will run noticeably slower than broadband.
  • Client side Javascript must be enabled.
  • Saving "My View" requires browser cookies to be enabled. If you want this feature allow cookies from Please note that cookies are not required for the map to work properly.

Printing Maps

  • The maps are designed to be printed in Landscape mode.
  • When printing a PDF, the Landscape mode should already be selected when utilizing the print icon adobe print icon from the Adobe Acrobat Reader toolbar.
  • When printing a GIF image, please change the printer settings to Landscape via the File>Page Setup dialog box.
  • Landscape mode

Using the Travel Information Web Page

Travel Information (Map Page)

  • Individual Map Layers can be turned on and off as needed by checking the box beside the layer. - check layer on and off image
  • map tip icon - Layers with this icon have map tips associated with the displayed features. Users can click on any feature and additional information will display. If there are more than one identifiable feature the map tip will bring back all the information available.
  • image showing map tip
  • map tips - scroll through records 
  • map tips - highlight feature 
  • Layers are updated at different times. The update date and time are directly below the associated layer. - layers update time image
  • Weather Radar - Radar intensity is a way to "see" through rain. A pulse of energy is beamed through a cloud and the amount of echo returned will give the intensity of precipitation. The echo is actually a reflection of the energy and a computer will generate a color code to indicate the amount of precipitation. The radar intensity indicates heavy or light precipitation including hail, rain, and snow.
  • If you have cookies turn on, you can save your current view by clicking on My View>Save this View. The Travel Map will remember the layers that you have checked, the extent of the map and whether you had the Auto Refresh checked on or not. The next time you open the application, the Travel Map will use those settings to update the map to your View. The cookie persists for 180 days.
  •  save view image
  • Map Navigation Shortcuts - Users can choose the mouse, keyboard, and sliders for panning and zooming a map.
    • Drag the mouse to pan
    • Mouse Scroll Forward to zoom in
    • Mouse Scroll Backward to zoom out
    • SHIFT + Drag the mouse to zoom in
    • SHIFT + CTRL + Drag the mouse to zoom out
    • SHIFT + Click to recenter
    • Double Click to Center and Zoom in
    • SHIFT + Double Click to Center and Zoom in
    • Use arrow keys to pan
    • Use + key to zoom in a level
    • Use - key to zoom out a level

Printable Maps Tab

  • The printable maps are updated the same time as the maps on the Traveler Information Tab.
  • If you want a hard copy of a map, please print in landscape mode. See the Printing Maps section above.

Text Versions Tab

  • Click on the colored bar to view the text version for that particular map.
  • text version image
  • The text versions are updated the same time as the maps on the Traveler Information Tab.
  • Only one text version can be displayed at a time.
  • Click on the "Print" link to print the text version. There is a "Print" link at both the top and bottom of each report.

RSS Feeds Tab

  • The NDDOT has the following GeoRSS feeds available for subscription. Please click on the link and add to your favorite RSS reader.
  • Additional information on RSS and GeoRSS can be found here.
  • The NDDOT GeoRSS feeds use the GeoRSS Simple format.

Additional Travel Information Tab

  • Links to additional travel information pages
  • Links to the surrounding States and Provinces Road Conditions.