Adobe PDF Instructions

Adobe PDF Viewer

Almost all of the new ND DOT Forms require an Adobe PDF Viewer browser plug-in. The latest versions Chrome and Firefox do not support this technology by default. Some additional configurations need to be made to these browsers in order for them to work properly. Depending on your version of Chrome or Firefox, the instructions may vary slightly. When possible, use Internet Explorer 11 or higher. Microsoft Edge is not recommended or supported.

In any case, Adobe Reader needs to be installed on your machine. After Adobe Reader is installed, proceed with the instructions below for your specific browser.

To Configure Chrome

Open Chrome

In the address bar, type: chrome://plugins/ (Figure 1)

Shows 'chrome://plugins/' typed into the address bar.
Figure 1

On the bottom line, there is a blue “Disable” link. Clicking that, should disable the default Chrome viewer. It may also look similar to Figure 2, in which case, the Chrome PDF viewer should be disabled using the link and the Adobe Reader should be enabled.

Shows how to disable chrome's pdf viewer.
Figure 2

To Configure Firefox

Choose Tools > Options (Figure 3)

Shows how to access tools menu in Firefox.
Figure 3

In the left column, click Applications. (Figure 4)

In the search box type “pdf” as shown. (Figure 4)

Click the dropdown on the Portable Document Format (PDF) row under Action. Many choices should appear. Be sure that you pick Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox).

Shows how to use the drop down list under action in Firefox.
Figure 4

When finished the screen should look like this (Figure 5).

Shows how the screen should look when finished in Firefox.
Figure 5