New North Dakota Motor Vehicle Plates

NDDOT started issuing the new Sunrise Plate in November.

New and old North Dakota Motor Vehicle Plates

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Frequently Asked New Motor Vehicle Plate Questions

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1. How is the new license plate different from the old plate?

2. When will the new plates be issued?

3. Why did North Dakota change the current license plate?

4. When will I get my new plate?

5. How much will the new plate cost?

6. Can I get my new plate before my renewal period?

7. Can I keep my old plate number?

8. Can I reserve a plate number?

9. I have a low number plate, will I be able to keep this number, when the new plates are issued?

10. What do I do with my old plate(s) once I receive the new one?

11. Special Request Plates/Personalized Plates

12. Will the Lewis and Clark plates still be available?

13. What do I do if I currently have a Lewis and Clark plate on my vehicle?

14. Plates that will not be affected at this time include

15. Will other specialty plates be affected at this time?

16. Will organizational plates still be available?

17. Will Motor Carrier plates be replaced?

Didn’t get your questions answered here? Please email them to or call 1-844-NDPLATE (1-844-637-5283).