Commonly Used Acronyms

AAMVA - American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
AAN - American Association of Nurserymen
AAR - Association of American Railroads
AASHTO - American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials
ASTM - American Society of Testing Materials
ABC - Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.
AC - Asphaltic Cement
ACI - American Concrete Institute
AGC - Associated General Contractors
AIA - American Institute of Architects
AISI - American Iron and Steel Institute
AISC - American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.
AITC - American Institute of Timber Construction
ANSI - American National Standards Institute, Inc.
APWA - American Public Works Association
ARA - American Railway Association
AREA - American Railway Engineering Association
ARMA - Association of Records Managers and Administrators
ARTBA - American Road and Transportation Builders Association
ASCE - American Society of Civil Engineers
ASTM - American Society of Testing and Materials
BIA - Bureau of Indian Affairs
CADD - Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
CARS - Construction Automation Records System
CDL - Commercial Drivers License
CDLA - Commercial Drivers License Act
CDLIS - Commercial Drivers License Information System
COE - Corps of Engineers
CRS - County Rural Secondary
CRSI - Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
DBE - Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
DLCC - Drivers License Compact Commission
EA - Environmental Assessment
EIS - Environmental Impact Statement
EMC - Emergency Medical Care
EMT - Emergency Medical Technician
ETC - Emergency Trauma Care
FARS - Fatal Accident Reporting System
FAS - Federal Aid Secondary
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
FHWA - Federal Highway Administration
FMCOG - Fargo/Moorhead Council of Governments
FONSI - Finding of No Significant Impact
FRA - Federal Railroad Association
IR/WA - International Right of Way Association
MPO - Metropolitan Planning Organization
MUTCD - Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
NACE - National Association of Corrosion Engineers
NACE - National Association of County Engineers
NACO - National Association of County Officials
NAGHSR - National Association of Governor's Highway Safety Representative
NCSPA - National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association
NDACo - North Dakota Association of Counties
NDCC - North Dakota Century Code
NDDOT - North Dakota Department of Transportation
NDR - National Driver Register
NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NRVC - Non-Resident Violator's Compact
NSPE - National Society of Professional Engineers
PCA - Portland Cement Association
PCC - Portland Cement Concrete
PCI - Prestressed Concrete Institute
PI&E - Public Information and Education
PMRS - Position Management Reporting System
PS&E - Plans, Specifications and Estimates
PVC - Polyvinylchloride - PVC Pipe
RIMS - Roadway Information Management System
SG - Specific Gravity
SHPO - State Historic Preservation Officer
SSC - Support Services Contractor
TRB - Transportation Research Board
TRIP - The Road Information Program, Inc.
TS&L - Type, Size and Location
VRTS - Vehicle Registration and Title System
USDA - U.S. Department of Agriculture
USFWS - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
VMA - Voids in Mineral Aggregate
WASHTO - Western Association of State Highway Transportation Officials