Adopt A Highway Sign

What is Adopt-A-Highway?

Adopt-A-Highway is a program offering North Dakota residents an opportunity to show they care about the environment.

You and your group can show your concern whether you live close to a city or in a rural area. Food wrappers, aluminum cans, newspapers, cigarette packs, and diapers, are left behind by many careless people along our state's roadways. When trash and debris litter our roadways, it does not leave a good impression on motorists traveling through our state.

An effective way to reduce both litter and the overall cost of litter removal is through the Adopt-A-Highway program. By volunteering to clear a three-mile section of a state highway during the months of April through September and such times as the group deems appropriate, your group will show it cares about the environment. Your group can also help to minimize roadway maintenance costs and save taxpayer dollars. Keeping our roadways clean is the responsibility of all of us. Garbage is unsightly. Help us Keep North Dakota Clean and Green.

Volunteers partner with North Dakota:

By volunteering you or your organization's time, you can help to create a good first impression of North Dakota, while spreading the message that littering along highways hurts North Dakota’s environment and scenic quality. Under the Adopt-A- Highway Program, you or your group can help to beautify North Dakota three miles at time. As an added bonus, your group’s name will be placed on an Adopt-A-Highway sign along the section of roadway you have adopted.

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