Western North Dakota Construction

Williston District Construction Projects

The North Dakota Department of Transportation is aggressively addressing infrastructure improvements to enhance safety and traffic movement in western North Dakota. The NDDOT invested approximately $635 million in state projects from 2008-2011 to preserve and improve transportation infrastructure in this area. The state is investing an additional $305 million in 2012, as well as continuing to plan and work on future road projects.

Highway Projects

Williston District Construction Projects
us 85 US 85 Project
us 2 US 2 and 11th Street in Williston pdf file
us 2 US 2 and 18th St W Structure in Willistonpdf file
nd 40 ND Hwy 40 Tioga Projectpdf file
information District Project Information pdf file

Truck Bypass/Reliever Routes in Williston District

Williston District Truck Bypass/Reliever Routes
truck bypass/reliever routes Williston
truck bypass/reliever routes Watford City
truck bypass/reliever routes New Town
truck bypass/reliever routes Alexander
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2013 Planned Construction Projects

Planned Construction Projects for 2013
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lane widths Williston District Construction Map