Williston Temporary Truck Bypass Information

NDDOT has completed and opened the Northwest Temporary Truck Bypass located on County Road 1 and County Road 6, located approximately 8 miles west of Williston on US 2. This new northwest temporary truck bypass will help provide immediate relief from traffic congestion and will help alleviate traffic on US 2/85 through the city of Williston while a permanent solution is developed.

NDDOT also plans to complete work this year on a second temporary bypass around Williston’s eastern edge. Construction on the second temporary bypass is expected to begin this fall, with completion by the end of the year. The temporary bypasses, on both the west and east sides of Williston, will provide relief from traffic congestion while local officials finalize routes for permanent bypasses.

Local officials have held public meetings to identify possible routes for a permanent bypass along the west side of Williston. The public input process and the environmental analysis required for a permanent, westside bypass are expected to be completed in the summer of 2013, with construction also beginning next year.

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