Devils Lake District Construction Projects

U.S. 2 - Devils Lake Safety and Access Management Plan

Safety and Access Management Plan

Highway 2 from Elk Drive to Crary/Heftie Rest Area.

Reduced Conflict Intersections (RCI)

Also called: U-Turns, R-cuts, J-turns and Directional Medians.

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Reduced Conflict Intersections

See how Reduced Conflict Intersections work in other states.


  • Improved safety - Studies show a 70 percent reduction in fatalities and a 42 percent reduction in injury crashes where RCIs are used.
  • Faster to build - RCIs can be designed and built in approximately one year. Interchanges typically take 3-5 years.
  • Lower cost - RCIs are often less expensive than constructing an intersection with a stop light and are a fraction the cost of building an interchange.
  • Read more about RCI benefits