CADD Standards Manual - Structure and Navigation

Structure and Navigation

The pages contain information laid out as:

A text document with tables and "screen snapshots" describing how to use the standards
A series of appendices, listing the specific attributes of NDDOT's cell libraries, abbreviation lists, sheet layouts, electronic field book codes, line styles etc
A Resource File "page," that allows visitors to download the actual files utilized by MicroStation and Geopak, to create the correct environment for using the NDDOT Standards
The Table of Contents, for the text document, is a "linked page" that allows the visitor to select a topic by clicking on the heading. This will open the selected page and allow the visitor to scroll forward or backwards from that point. The Appendix works in the same way. Some delay may occur on the appendix pages due to the graphical data increasing the file sizes. The Resource Files will only be of value to those visitors currently running MicroStation applications.

Throughout the site, each entry will show a date alongside it's title or heading. This date represents the last iteration date for the information. If you are maintaining a hard copy version of NDDOT's manual, you will be able to see which areas need updating, instead of updating the entire manual.