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The Question and Answer Forum contains a list of the questions that have been responded to for the Active and Public Transportation Plan RFP. To submit a new question return to the Active and Public Transportation Plan RFP Question Entry page.

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Current Questions & Answers

Question 6: ( Apr 15, 2011 12:00 AM)

1. North Dakota Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction, Section 107.06 refers to work within the Railroad’s Right of Way and requires the contractor to provide Railroad Protective Liability Insurance and Railway Public Liability Insurance. No modifications were made to this section in the Supplemental Specifications. Please clarify whether any work will be within a railroad’s right of way. If so, please give the name and address of the railroad for which Railroad Protective Liability Insurance would be purchased. If the Work involves nothing within the Right of Way of a railroad, please remove Section 107.06 from the Standard Specifications. 2. With respect to pre-existing hazardous materials / hazardous materials encountered at the site, not brought onto the site by the Contractor, please confirm the Owner will be the generator and sign all manifests.


Response 6:

1) There is no Railroad Right of Way in this project. Section 107.06 will not be applicable.
2) The NDDOT will be the generator and will sign all manifests for hazardous materials encountered at the site and not brought onto the site by the Contractor.

Question 5: ( Apr 07, 2011 12:00 AM)

The RFP, Pg 11, VI.B.1.3) states "A new ND Hwy 13 box culvert using the current aligment", but the Field Review Packet proposes a skewed box culvert to improve efficiency of flow. Is it acceptable to rotate the box culvert and re-align the channel?


Response 5:

The intent was to have a rotated box culvert to increase the efficency of flow. The comment in the RFP is refering to the alignment of the roadway. It is acceptable to re-align the culvert flow and channel.

Question 4: ( Mar 22, 2011 12:00 AM)

1. Page 2 of the RFP states that the TP is due at Noon Central on April 22, 2011 and Page 17 of the RFP states that the TP must be received prior to 5 PM Central on April 22, 2011. Please confirm that Noon Central is the time the TP is due. 2. Page 16 of the RFP states that preliminary surveying and mapping data has been obtained and provided as an attachment to the RFP. This information does not appear to have been included. Will this information be posted on the FTP site, or can a link be provided to this information? 3. Please provide clarification as to the extent of the Preliminary Hydraulic Report that is required with the Technical Proposal. 4. Page 17 states the TP will be bound with tabs labeled Section I through VII and the information, papersize and page limitation requirements as identified. Are the required Sections the items underneath the Evaluation Criteria (I.E. "Innovation", "Alternatives...")? Will paper size and page limitations be identified in an addendum since they do not appear to be listed?


Response 4:

1) The submital time and date has been revised to April 25, 2011 at Noon Central Time to reflect the fact that April 22nd is a state holiday.
2) All Supplemental Survey Data has now been uploaded to the FTP site.
3) The hydraulic report should support the proposed technical solution. If the Firm submits a complete technical solution, it should be accompanied by a final hydraulic report.
4) Paper sizes shall be 8.5" X 11". Any drawings included can be on 11" X 17" sheets.

An addendum will be posted for questions 1 and 4 on the ftp site.

Question 3: ( Dec 20, 2010 12:00 AM)

Do the sub-consultants for this project have to be pre-qualified through the NDDOT?


Response 3:

The Department does not require sub-consultants to be pre-qualified.

Question 2: ( Dec 15, 2010 12:00 AM)

1. Please explain what is meant by "managerial resources" in the selection criteria? 2. What is the procurement schedule, particularly when is the notice to proceed anticipated? 3. Has the environmental work been completed? 4. Are there any documents available (PCR, Scoping Report, etc.)? 5. Is there any information available regarding design and plan submittal requirements such as number of submittals, Department review timeframes, etc.?


Response 2:

1. The Firm should designate the person or team indended to oversee the project.
2. The schedule will be further outlined in the RFP for firms that are short listed. Tentative award will be mid-April, with a notice to proceed shortly after.
3. Yes. The document has been posted to the website.
4. The PCR and Right of Way plat are available.
5. This information will be included in the RFP.

Question 1: ( Dec 13, 2010 12:00 AM)

What level of environmental documentation is required for this project? What is the anticipated Contract approval date with the Firm?


Response 1:

The environmental document was completed by the Department. The document is now available on the website.

It is anticipated that an award will be made mid-April.