The amount of funding a project receives will be determined from the cost estimate included with the project application. Only the contract construction cost of your project is eligible for funding. These costs will be funded with federal aid to a maximum of 80%. The project sponsor must provide the match of 20%.

Lewis and Clark Washburn
Lewis and Clark Trail

The approximate following amounts are anticipated to be available for fiscal year 2016 for Transportation Alternatives projects:

  • Urban - (cities over 5,000 population) $810,457
  • Rural - (cities under 5,000 population and all counties) $597,391

Items not eligible for funding are preliminary and construction engineering, environmental impact mitigation, right of way acquisition, utilities, and construction items determined to be not eligible for federal aid. These costs are a 100% sponsor responsibility.


Maximum funding is set at $290,000 for Urban projects and $200,000 for Rural projects

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