Transportation Alternative Projects

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Interpretive Displays

Missouri River at Fort Buford Confluence of Yellowstone
Overlook at the Confluence
of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers
Downtown Park, Ellendale
Downtown Park

Living Snow Fence

Trees and shrubs can be used to control snow deposition on roadways, urban streets and rural roads. This project is located in Mclean County. It has successfully provided protection for the roadway.

Living snow fence Mclean County
Living snow fence
Mclean County

Shared Use Path Projects

Morton County

Path project in Morton County north of Mandan
Path project in Morton County
north of Mandan

This shared use path project in Morton County is along ND 1806 north of Mandan. It serves a growing rural population just north of the city.

Jamestown Reservoir

Path project at Jamestown Reservoir
Path project at Jamestown Reservoir

Shared use paths are transportation routes and people desire to use them year round. Keeping them free of snow, such as Jamestown does with the James Reservoir shared use path, provides users great winter time bicycle/pedestrian transportation.

Transportation Alternative Projects


  • Bismarck Sunrise Trail
  • Grand Forks 17th Ave S Shared Use Path
  • Grenora School Sidewalk
  • Mandan Fort Lincoln 19th St SE Trail
  • Minot Washington School Sidewalk
  • Pembina County Cavlandic Trail
  • Surrey West Sidewalk
  • Tioga Signal Road Sidewalk
  • Wahpeton Wheatland Road Shared Use Path
  • Walhalla School Sidewalk


  • Bismarck South Washington Street Trail
  • Fargo 5th St Shared Use Path
  • Grand Forks 6th Ave N Shared Use Path
  • Jamestown Safe Routes to Schools
  • Medora Shared Use Path
  • Minto School Route
  • Park River Safe Routes to School
  • Richardton Sidewalk Expansion
  • Tioga Signal Road Sidewalk


  • Beulah Multi-Use Wellness Trail
  • Bismarck Sertoma Park Shared Use Path
  • Dickinson 21st St to 10th Ave Shared Use Path
  • Fargo Oak Grove/Memorial Parks Pedestrian Lift Bridge
  • Grafton Safe Routes to School
  • Grand Forks N 55th St Shared Use Path
  • Powers Lake Powers Lake Safe Routes to School Path


  • Bottineau Co Lake Metigoshe Shared Use Path
  • Garrison Wilderness Park Improvement
  • Grand Forks Demers Ave Shared Use Path
  • Mandan Millennium Trail
  • Northwood Public School Safer Paths to Schools
  • Wahpeton 16th Avenue Shared Use Path