Warning Signs Checklist

Warning Signs Checklist

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Are you unsure if someone you care about is capable of safely operating a motor vehicle? Read the following questions, and as honestly as you can, mark any that apply.

 Do they consistently drive either too fast or too slow for the current conditions?

 Do they consistently hesitate in right of way situations, or fail to yield altogether?

 Do they have a car, curb, garage or mailbox with dents, scratches or other damage but can’t remember how or when it happened?

 Have they had several near misses or accidents?

 Do they have difficulty seeing or adjusting to glare?

 Do they have difficulty hearing and refuse to wear corrective aids?

 Do they forget to turn headlights on after dusk?

 Do they get lost repeatedly even in familiar areas?

 Do they frequently misjudge distances?

 Do they frequently need a passenger to check if it is clear to pass or turn?

 Do they receive frequent tickets or warnings from Law Enforcement?

 Do they lose control of emotions?

 Do they appear drowsy or confused?

 Do they seem to have a hard time concentrating or dividing attention among multiple activities?

 Do they drift or drive on center line or in the middle of the road?

 Do they respond slowly to pedestrian and other motorists?

 Do they have a pattern of ignoring, disobeying or misinterpreting street signs or traffic lights?

 Do they find it difficult to turn their head, neck, shoulders or upper body?

 Do they have too little strength to turn wheel quickly for emergencies?

 Do they have weakness or numbness in legs causing slow reaction time?

 Do they have the inability to flex their feet?

If you have checked any of the above boxes, it may be time to have a discussion with the loved one and their health care provider about whether retesting or giving up driving is necessary.