Driving Dilemma Safety Quiz

Driving Dilemma Safety Quiz

Assess your driving fitness by taking this quiz. Check all that apply:


 I forget to buckle my seatbelt

 Other drivers often honk and seem annoyed with me

 I keep getting dents, scrapes, and dings on my vehicle

 My family members don’t like me to drive them around

 I have recently been in one or more car accidents

 I have gotten traffic tickets and/or police warnings

 Lately, I have had many “near misses”


 The glare from oncoming headlights bothers me

 It is hard for me to see at night when driving

 I have trouble seeing over the steering wheel

 I usually don’t see pedestrians or other cars until they are close

 I don’t see signs or lights soon enough to easily respond to them


 I have trouble starting the car and/or turning the wheel

 I only rely on mirrors to backup or change lanes

 Pushing down on the gas or brake pedals is difficult

 I have difficulty reaching the rear view mirror

 I have trouble looking over my shoulder to look behind me

 Trying to get in and out of my vehicle is hard


 I get lost while driving more now than I used to

 It is hard to pay attention to signs, signals, and markings

 After driving, even for a short time, I am exhausted

 My reactions are slow

 I hesitate over right-of-way decisions


How did you do on the quiz? How many did you check for?

Remember, driving fitness is related to your ability to see, think, and move well enough to safely operate a vehicle. If you checked a box, it is time to start talking about driving fitness with your family and health care providers to see what you can do to enhance your safety and independence.