On-The-Job Training Program (OJT)

Annually, highway construction contractors must provide on-the-job training to anywhere from 25 to 40 minority, female, or economically disadvantaged individuals. Contractors are assigned trainees based on the total amount of federal-aid work they receive each season. The contractors may choose to train equipment operators, truck drivers, concrete finishers, structural carpenters, or other skilled craft workers. Training programs run from 350 to 550 hours.


OJT Training Program pdf file

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Special Provision OJT Training Program pdf file

OJT Training Forms

OJT Training Supportive Services

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Recruitment Toolkit

OJT Program Staff Contacts

Civil Rights Program Administrator

(701) 328-3116

For assistance or information concerning:

  • Trainee approval requests
  • Training program approval requests
  • Developing special training curriculum
  • Standardized training programs
  • Reimbursement process

Contact Administrative Assistant

(701) 328-2637

For assistance or information concerning:

  • Notifying contractors of trainee assignments