DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) Program

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program encourages the development and use of companies owned and controlled by minorities, women, and socially and economically disadvantaged individuals on federally-aided highway construction projects. The companies can be contractors, suppliers, or manufacturers with capabilities in the transportation industry. In order to participate in the program, the companies must be annually certified by the North Dakota Department of Transportation. Under the program, select contracts are assigned percentage goals, based on the total dollar amount of the contract, for participation by certified DBE firms. The prime contractor must meet the assigned DBE goal or prove that sufficient good faith efforts were made in an attempt to meet the goal.

Fiscal year 2012-2014 Federal Highway Administration Tri-Annual DBE goal Setting Methodology

FHWA FY 2012 - 2014 DBE Goal Setting Methodology
Notice of FY 2012-2014 FHWA FY 2011-2013 FTA DBE Goal

DBE Program

Application Request for DBE Uniform Certification
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DBE Policy Statement pdf file
Last updated August, 2014

Certified DBE's

DBE's certified in North Dakota are indicated by the orange markers on the map below. Zoom in and out with the + and - buttons or with your mouse wheel. Click the markers to get additional information. Click View Larger Map for a larger version of map with additional options.

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DBE Program Administration Manual pdf file
DBE Forms
DBE Bid Differential Examples
November 12, 2013 Liaison Meeting Agenda pdf file
DBE Newsletter for July 15, 2014 pdf file
DBE Newsletter for July 11, 2014 pdf file
DBE Supportive Services
2012 DBE Training (Quoting) pdf file
Video for DBE Training (Quoting) wmv file
2012 DBE Training (Record keeping) pdf file
Video for DBE Training (Record keeping) wmv file
2012 DBE Training (Retention in the Workplace) pdf file
Video for DBE Training (Retention in the Workplace) MP4 file
2012 DBE Training (Risk/Safety Management) pdf file
Video for DBE Training (Risk/Safety Management) wmv file

DBE Annual Goals/Statistics

Public Notice of Fiscal Year 2010 DBE Goal
Fiscal Year 2010 Federal Highway Administration DBE Goal Setting Methodology pdf file
Updated September, 2009
Fiscal Year 2011 Federal Transit Authority Goal Setting Methodology pdf file
Updated July, 2011
ND and Surrounding States DBE Goals: Past and Present pdf file
DBE Bid Opening Cumulative Statistics pdf file

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